Well on this page you will find a bit about me. So read on and have fun.

Hey...well since you have gone to a page about me and my wife...i guess you would like to know a bit about us.

This page is about me^_^

My name is Courtney Bryant-Chubey. I am turning 20 August 2nd 2003.(its the same day as mine and chris' engagement anniversary ^_^) I graduated on June 27th 2001 and did not fail a year, and I work at a daycare in my area. It is fun since I love kids. I have been working on this whole page since I was in grade 10, and I still haven't got it all up and running yet. Sorry about that. ^_^* I was going to have it all anime but then that took way to much effort and when i transferred all the files from the school network...they got corrupted and i lost most of them so i trashed the idea of rebuilding it all up. >_> took way too much time...time i did NOT have. Oh well a new version of my page will be up and running hopefully in the next month or so ^_^......i hope.

Well back to me. I have two brothers, Sean-21*bday oct 15th* who is married and has a little baby girl. His wife is named Bonnie and my niece's name is Kathrin Hope Victora Wagner*sp?* Kat was born on March 3rd 2003. On with the family list XD Brad-18 *bday march 29th*, as well as two sisters, Sherri-28*bday july 7th* , and Laurie-31 *bday march 25th*. I also have a few brother ande sister inlaws...but those to come later on chris' page ^_^

I write poetry and stories a lot. i love writing stories and poetry and my main subject the past year....my inspiration has been the love of my life. They mostly have been love poems and different ways that chris and i met up in story form too. It is the coolest thing ever.

Some people say i have MANY friends, but i will put it this way. Most of them are people i just talk to and don't really do anything with. Like there is only a small few that i will acctually GO and do something with. Well i will put it this way too...i am a lot like Haruka (Sailor Uranus) but the way i "attract" friends is kinda like Usagi (Sailor Moon) Kind of an odd mix uh? ^_~

And well you all know by now that i am happily with a wonderful woman. ^_^ She is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I shall never forget the 24th of each month for that is our anniversary. Kewl ne? Well, if you go to her bio on the main page...you will find out more about her. She is the most absolute wonderful, most gorgous, most smartest, most perfect woman i have ever met. I LOVE YOU MY WONDERFUL ANGEL!!!!! She has made me see things i have never seen or felt before. *and i don't mean in a sexual way either*

Here is a bit better...bio on me.

Name: Courtney Byrant-Chubey
Nicknames given to me by Chris: cutie, cutie pie, sweetie, sweets, ruka, wuka, haruka, courts, courtney, love, lovely, beauitful, wife, ruka-chan, ai, sexy, baby, hun, courts-chan, courtney-chan, haruka-chan and more but can not think of more....will add more in later. *chris couldn't remember any more either XD*
Birthday: August 2nd 1983
Fave Food: Any junk food, chocolate, cookies, cake, and Mcdicks food but me can't eat any of that cause my tummy is being mean and hurting when i do ;_; so pretty much anything that will sit nicely in my tummy i am happy with
Fave Color: Midnight Black, Ruby Blood Red, Navy Blue
Fave Entertainment: Anime...of course lol and watching my wife dance any type of dance ^_^ she so sexy ^_^
Astrological sign: Leo
Time of day: Anytime durning the night me a night owl...and plsu the time i get to talk to chris online the most cause of our schedules
Occupacation: Working in a daycare
Dream: To have someone who loves me for being me...including all my flaws that come with me. I dress how i dress...i act how i act..and well i just want someone who will love me cause of ME-and it came true. Thank you Cristy oh so very much...I love you.

And to go to Cristy's bio from here even though the link is on my main page...click here lol--> ^_^

Alright well to go back to the main page click here. Have fun and enjoy finding out more about mine and Cristy's relationship and more about the both of us too.^_^ Email me if you have any questions about me or my web page. ENJOY!!!!!!