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Hey, Ami here. On this page you will find picts and bios on a lot of the evil charaters we have battled in our senshi carrers on Sailor Moon. To see a bigger version and I will also explain the pictures as well. Well, to the best of my ability. So enjoy.

To start off here is one of the biggest enimies that we fought at the beggining of our lives on earth as well as on the Moon. Queen Baryle.

Queen Baryle was the biggest eniemy we fought and was one of the hardest, too. She had managed to steal Mamuru from us, which hurt Usagi-chan a lot. She had attacked the Moon Castle 1000 years ago. She had killed Princess Serenity and Prince Endymoin which caused Queen Serenity to send us all here in the present on Earth. Queen Baryle had four main generals: Jedite, Nephrite, Zoisite, and Kunzite. She had turned them evil as well. They used to be Prince Endymoin's personl gaurds. But this is not about them.

This is Ail and Ann. The next main evil people that we fought. Well they weren't actually evil. They had just been cerupted. They were born from the Doom Tree known later to be The Tree Of Life. They collected energy to feed their Tree. They used cardiens to attack people and steal their energy. When we fought them, is when we got our second stage powers.

This the four sisters from Nemises. Cooan (Catsy), Petz (Prisma), Karaberas (Avery), and Beruche (Birdie). They were working for a man named Prince Dimando (Diamond). They were all from the future and had come to the 'present' to find the silver crystal and Chibi-Usa. Little did they know that Chibi-Usa's mother, Neo-Queen Serenity was there with her. Well neither did Neo-Queen Serenity. Or as you all know her, Usagi-chan.

This would be Prince Diamando from Nemises. He is in love with Neo Queen Serenity, but also not knowing that his arch enimy, Sailor Moon, is acctually the same person. Kind of freaky isn't? He is the one that comanded Rubeus who commanded the four sisters. I have heard and noticed that he really loves his wine.

This would be Esmerodo. She was very jelouse of Serenity, because she was in love with Diamando and he was in love with Serenity. Weird. She died because of her own selfishness. Which is for the better because her laugh, well her entire voice, was sending chills down my back and I think it was also doing the same to everyone else as well.

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