This page is my internet test results. There isn't a lot. But meh. ^_^

SO which letter of the alphabet matches YOUR personality, huh?

What Kind Of Pokemon Are You?

Which Moon Are You?

Crouching Moon: Hidden yet seen, you are written off as you hang, heavy in the sky watching
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Your magical style is Psychic.
What type of Magic do you work?. Take the Magical Style Quiz by Paradox

Which Element Represents You?
created by kefkafanatic @ mental insanity

What is your Alter-Ego Personality?

Primary Ability:
Healers are gentle people, gifted with the ability to heal others with the strength of their own minds. They can examine a person's body and aura, helping them to recover from injury or sickness. Healers never put themselves first, and can be generous to a fault.
Secondary Ability:
What is your Misfit Talent?

Anime Quiz - Which Evil Anime Badass Are You?

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What type of manga are you?

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Cybernetic Obedient Unit Responsible for Terran Nullification and Efficient Yardwork

Which Middle Earth race are you? go to:the quiz!

I took the What Mythological Creature Are you? test by !

What's your sexual appeal?

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What type of vampire are you?

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Which Utena girl are you?

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Which Utena couple are you?

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Which "Adolescence of Utena" Character are you?

by Utena Tenjou
Name: Utena Tenjou
Gender: Female
Name Means: Heavenly Flower Calyx
Color: White Rose
Utena: A girl who dresses like a boy at her new school. She meets her old boyfriend, Touga, who died long ago. Utena saves a young girl, Anthy, from her abusive boyfriend, but then discovers that the duel she fought to save her now makes her own Anthy. Utena now wants to save this innocent little thing from the cult that is this world. Touga wants Utena, but knows that would mean keeping her in this world. So he gives her the choice, she chooses to escape. She fights on, and finds her way into the new world, with Anthy, defying everything.
You: Will defy conformity for your own sense of justice. You tell it like it is, you do whats best for everyone. You're very noble, princelike. You think the world is a cult. You're probably a transcendentalist. You want to escape this reality. You will do whatever it takes to reach your dreams.

Are you a devil or an angel

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Are you a Vampyre?

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pretty soilder quiz

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The Element Test

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the nightmare before christmas character quiz

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What Anime Fighter are you?

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What basic element are you?

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Which Ultimate Beautiful Woman are You?

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Which Shoujo Kakumei Utena Girl are You?

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this is my way to live
What about yours? made by rav-chan

You're a hopeless romantic. You fall in love easily and quickly, and often have your heart broken. You like romantic movies, books, and you're always trying to think of some way to wow your honey. People call you sentimental or idealistic, and sometimes they even make some comment about they might vomit if they have to listen to go on and on any more. Phew. Some day, though, you will make someone very happy.

Be cool! Take the What Do You Want Out Of Life? Quiz

Which Lion King Character Are You?
Created by CrazyCoasterCo.

You come from Heaven. You're the purest of pure, a
saint. You're probably an angel sent directly
from Heaven.

Where Did Your Soul Originate?
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Purple info
Your Heart is Purple

What Color is Your Heart?
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You're Perfect ^^
-Perfect- You're the perfect girlfriend. Which
means you're rare or that you cheated :P You're
the kind of chick that can hang out with your
boyfriend's friends and be silly. You don't
care about presents or about going to fancy
placed. Hell, just hang out. You're just happy
being around your boyfriend.

What Kind of Girlfriend Are You?
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cuddle and a kiss
cuddle and a kiss on the forehead - you like to be
close to your special someone and feel warm,
comfortable, and needed

What Sign of Affection Are You?
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(results contain pictures) What kind of ANIME BOOBS do you have?
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Blue Eyes

What Color Eyes Should You Have?
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Goddess of the Night. Beautiful yet a strange
darkness and sadness lurk about you.

What element would you rein over? (For Girls)
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(results contain pictures) Whats your HENTAI???
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Shoujou-ai Fanboy
You're a Shoujou-ai Fanboy!

What gender pairing steryotype are you?
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What Kanji word best suits you?
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Your thoughts resemble: A mysteriously green
forest. You're quiet, yet very noticeable for
your stunningly natural beauty. You are loved
by most for your cool, eluding nature.

What do your thoughts resemble?
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Your anime hair color is green.

What is your anime hair color?
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You are the typical feminist, depressed, artist.
You go against the crowd and do everything you
can to be different. Too bad noone notices.
Try communicating with people, not just looking
down on them.

What kind of typical high school character from a movie are you?
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What Anime Type Are You?

What Anime Vampire Are You?

: : :   Prophetic Dreamer : Hinoto   : : :
You are the Prophetic Dreamer
Tied to the lacking of your physical availability, you only wish for a better end, relying in your Dreams. Not so centered personality that can create a powerful alter-ego making yourself not completely trustful in your predictions.

What kind of Dreamgazer is more appealing to you?
Quiz made by Let-kun, based on Melange's Treatise on Dreams

I am the Charmer

Charm is seduction without sex. Charmers are consummate manipulators, masking their cleverness by creating a mood of pleasure and comfort. Their method is simple; they deflect attention from themselves and focus it on their target. They understand your spirit, feel your pain, adapt to your moods. In the presence of a Charmer you feel better about yourself. Learn to cast the Charmer's spell by aiming at people's primary weaknesses: vanity and self-esteem.

Symbol: The Mirror. Your spirit holds a mirror up to others. When they see you they see themselves: their values, their tastes, even their flaws. Their lifelong love affair with their own image is comfortable and hypnotic; so feed it. No one ever sees what is behind the mirror.

What Type of Seducer are You?
created by polite_society

Which Ringwraith are You?
By Lisa

My personality is rated 30.
What is yours?
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I am the
Which smiley are you?

I am in 50% control of my life.
Who controls yours?
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I am 47.5% Horny!
How Horny Are You?
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You have a dominant kiss- you take charge and make
sure your partner can feel it! Done artfully,
it can be very satisfactory if he/she is into
you playing the dominant role MEORW!

What kind of kiss are you?
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