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Sailor Mars/Hino Rai

Welcome to my Sailor Mars Page. I'll start off by telling about the Soldier of Fire, Sailor Mars.

A fourteen year old girl is working at her grandfathers temple-Cherry Hill Temple-one day when a man by the name of Jed appears and asks to work in the temple. She says yes. Things were going okay until all the buses carrying girls from the temple to home start vanishing. When Sailor Moon comes to the seen things start to really heat up. The young girl gets captured and a sign appears of her forhead the sign of Mars, the Third senshi. The young girls name was Hino Rai. She just happened to be Sailor Mars.

Before all this happened Rai was just a girl who goes to T*A (Brookdale) Private Girls' School. She is considered a queen by some of her peers, while some peers shunned her out because she was different. "I heard that girl can perdict stuff. Sounds kind of spooky to me. Yea, and she spends all her time with those weird black birds. She dosen't seem to like people. Probably thinks she's to good for us." (Sailor Moon R movie) It was Usagi that became her first real friend.

Rai is a very spirited girl, and she has learned the art of reading a sacred fire-like the one in the temple-and she gets strange feelings when something bad is about to happen. Since Usagi meet up with Rai, Rai has been more open with the other scouts which Rai dosen't like. It has been said that that is the reason why Rai beats on Usagi, even though she cares for her greatly. Rai and Usagi's bond is true and strong. As Rai or Sailor Mars, she will always be there to help, support and protect Sailor Moon/Usagi from anything and anyone. In the Sailor Moon R movie, it was Rai that said the most when Sailor Moon was dieing, and was right by her side. "Wake up. Wake up Sailor Moon. You did it. You stopped the planet. Sailor Moon NO! You said everything would be alright." She says this while crying in between words. When Sailor Mars/Rai is hurt Sailor Moon/Usagi is right there at her side. Same goes with Rai to Usagi.

Rai has a short temper when it come to thigs she believes is right in her way which leads her into arguments with her grandfather and Usagi. Rai also thought that she would make a better leader once. She even hurt Ami in one episode to agree with her. But in the end when Sailor Moon proved that she could be a good leader, Sailor Mars finally agreed to it.

Her Profile

N. American Name: Raye Hino
Japaniese Name: Hino Rai
Birthday: April 17th
Astrological Sign: Aries
Blood Type: AB
Favorite Colors: Black and Red
Hobbies: Fortune telling, meditation, and reading
Favorite Food: Vegitarian pizza
Least Favorite Food: Canned asparagus
Favorite Subject: Ancient Writing
Least Favorite Subject: Modern Society
Favorite Animal: Pandas and crows
Strong Points: Her dedication to causes
Dislikes: T.V.
Dream: To be a Shinto priestess, a singer, a model, to get married and be a good wife.

Her Powers

On a final note in the the Manga Sailor Mars was once in love with Jedite. The first general from Queen Barryl's group.

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