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I started etching glass many years ago, when the first house I built had been designed with a big window next to the front door. I wanted to do something to improve my privacy while allowing the flow of light, and I was lucky enough to meet someone who knew a little bit about etched glass. He introduced the process to me, explaining that for a three-dimensional look (not just surface etching) the deeper the etching in the glass, the closer the design would look to the viewer. Hmmmm---- interesting concept. I bought some heavy duty contact paper and a gravity-feed sandblasting outfit, and I was on my way!
For more information on the process of etching glass by sandblasting, click here.
When people think of sandblasting, they generally think of blasting the paint off the siding of a house or the hood of a car---- a really messy, clumsy affair. When you look at some of my projects, you may be surprised that sandblasting can achieve delicate results if carefully done.
Take a look at some of my etching projects here.
During four years of law school, the time I have spent concentrating on designing, preparing, blasting, and enjoying the results of my artistic endeavors has helped to reduce my law school stress to an (almost) manageable level. Concentration on a skill that requires complete attention to every detail is a kind of meditation, and the end results bring a satisfaction that may (possibly) be matched when I pass the California Bar Exam. Then it will be time to take off and soar!

Because I am still a law student, click here to go to the website I have visited more than any other in the past four years.