Episode 33: If You Only Knew

Pati and Juan continue to argue about her plan to return to New York. Juan sees it as something she is doing to hurt him.

As they end their conversation, Arturo and Pedro agree to try to get more information about Roberto's accident.

In Miami, Carlos's secretary Ofelia discovers something surprising in a financial report that arrives at the office.

While awaiting the rescue, Raquel and Angela discuss their current professions and those they planned to follow when they were younger. They also recall those professions which their parents wanted for them. Suddenly some men arrive with an unconscious Roberto, who has finally been extricated from the excavation. The doctor examines him and finds him to be otherwise all right. Nevertheless, he sends him to the hospital in Mexico for observation. Raquel and Angela are very happy that their anguished waiting is over.

Cultural information:

Mayan civilization: the Yucatan Peninsula, Chiapas, Tabasco, Campeche, and Guatemala; the ruins of their great centers in Chichén Itzá, Uxmal, Copan; their classical period from 300 to 900 A.D.; their advances in astronomy and mathematics

Episode 34: Success

Roberto is taken to the hospital by helicopter and Raquel and Angela depart by car for Mexico. In Mexico City Pati chats with Mercedes about the marital problems she is having with Juan. Mercedes

thinks that Pati is acting appropriately by going to New York if she needs to and believes that Juan will eventually recognize that. Mercedes also recalls how romantic Pati's wedding was.

At the same time, Juan talks with Ramón about the same topic. He says that although he loves her a lot, he feels that their marriage has failed. Ramón says that in his place he would feel envious of Pati's professional success. Juan ponders that possibility.

En route to Mexico, Angela and Raquel compare the history of their relationships with Luis and Jorge, respectively. Jorge was a friend of a friend of Roberto's when Angela met him and they became close very quickly. Raquel relates that Luis was a friend while she was a student at the university, but that when he went away to work in New York their relationship ended. Just as with Luis, she thinks that, because of the long distance, a relationship with Arturo will also prove impossible to maintain.

In his hotel in Mexico, Arturo comes across an article about the cave-in and decides to try to find out more details.

Still unconscious, Roberto arrives at the hospital. The women, en route to the capital, are about to collide with a truck.

Episode 35: Reunited

Raquel manages to avoid the truck that almost collided with their car.

Pedro finds out about Roberto's rescue and stops by Ramón's house on the way to the hospital to spread the news.

Pati leaves for New York in spite of Juan's protests. Carlos calls his secretary in Miami again and learns that the bank manager wants to see him. The auditors have recommended that they close the Miami office because of the losses it has incurred.

Arturo also heads for the hospital where Roberto is; the doctor tells him that Roberto needs to rest but that he has no serious wounds. Pedro arrives and Arturo gives him the news he has just received. Then Raquel and Angela arrive. Angela enters Roberto's room and Raquel greets Arturo, who kisses her Passionately. Arturo repeats once again the information he has heard from the doctor. Angela comes out and finally meets her uncle.

Since Roberto will sleep all night, everyone leaves. Pedro goes home. The others return to their hotel where Angela phones her Unde Jaime, and Raquel calls her parents. The latter inform her that they are coming to Mexico to see her and to visit their relatives in Guadalajara.

Angela returns to the hospital to be with her brother, and Arturo and Raquel go to Pedro's house where Arturo meets the family (except Pati, who has left for New York). Afterward Arturo and Raquel spend Some time in the garden where they recall the night in Buenos Aires when they both wished on a star. They now renew the relationship.

Episode 36: What Could They Be Doing?

While Raquel and Arturo are in the garden, the Castillos discuss their opinions of Arturo and about the apparent relationship between him and their daughter.

In the garden Raquel tells Arturo what has happened since her arrival in Mexico and at the excavation site. She recounts how both she and Angela waited anxiously for her brother's rescue. There had been another cave-in during the rescue operation. Finally Roberto had been taken out and brought to the capital.

Arturo in turn tells her how worried he was when he did not hear from her. He had tried, unsuccessfully at first, to communicate with Pedro Castillo. Afterward they had continued to try to get information about the accident. Finally everyone met in the hospital.

Inside, while Gloria gives her opinion of Miami, each of the family members meditates on his or her own problems.

Juan thinks about his arguments with Pati and about the possibility that this might be the end of his marriage. Ramón suggests to him that the problem may be his envy of Pati's success.

Pedro worries about the financial problems and the questions that remain about Carlos's actions. He remembers that the auditors have recommended the sale of La Gavia.

Mercedes thinks about don Fernando's health and the need to find a specialist She also recalls her conversation with Pati about her difficulties with Juan.

Episode 37: Keeping the Books

Arturo and Raquel return to the living room where the rest of the Castillo family is. Arturo tells the family about Rosario.

At the hospital, Angela waits for Roberto to wake up. She goes over her account balances and wonders where her money went.

Mercedes tells Arturo that he should return to Mexico for the national holidays and she tells him something of Mexican history.

In Los Angeles, Pancho, Raquel's father, has doubts about his wife's decision to invite Luis to Mexico without telling Raquel. Luis phones with the news that he has his ticket. María insists that Raquel will love the idea and then returns to the task of paying her household bills.

Raquel delivers her bill to Pedro with the receipts from her investigation and he asks for the documents she has. She promises to bring it all the following day and she and Arturo return to their hotel.

When they arrive back at the hotel, they decide to have a drink and Arturo first goes to his room to bring Raquel a surprise. It's the photo that he made of the two of them in his house in Buenos Aires, mounted in a pretty frame. Raquel receives another surprise in the form of a message from Pedro. Raquel and Arturo wonder what could have happened since they left his house.

Cultural information:

National holidays in Mexico: the 16th of September, 1810 (the Cry of Dolores of Padre Hidalgo); the 5th of May, 1862 (the victory of the Mexican army over the French in Puebla); the Revolution of 1910, Pancho Villa, and Emiliano Zapata

Episode 38: Hiding the Truth

Raquel, having received a message from Pedro, returns his call. It turns out that she has once again left her wallet somewhere-this time at his house. Pedro doesn't understand her laughter but they agree he will return it to her tomorrow. She then tells Arturo the story of the lost wallet in Madrid. Arturo asks her if she has given any thought to their relationship and she replies that she has thought a lot about him but not about herself. At that moment the waiter tells Raquel that she has a phone call. It's her mother, calling to tell Raquel that they have their tickets for Mexico. It's obvious that María doesn't like the idea that Arturo is always with Raquel.

At Pedro's house everyone is commenting on Juan's problems after he leaves in a depressed mood. As they prepare to leave, Ramón, Pedro, and Mercedes speak of the Miami office and of the fact that money has disappeared from Carlos's accounts. Carlos has started walking back to the living room and overhears them as they examine the accounts delivered by the auditors and discuss what they might do. Afterward, Carlos and Gloria fight because Carlos realizes that he has to be honest with his family and explain what has happened. Later, Carlos discovers that Gloria has left the house.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Angela continues to think about her financial situation and decides she must establish a budget. At that point Roberto wakes up and, after their greetings, Angela begins to tell him the story of their father's life.

Episode 39: The Same Smile

Carlos asks Ramón if he can borrow his car in order look for Gloria. He tells Ramón that he will explain the Miami finances later. He leaves, but no one knows where he is going.

At the hospital Angela finishes telling Roberto everything she knows about the family and Raquel's investigation. She tells him what she suspects about Raquel's and Arturo's relationship.

Ramón and Pedro continue discussing finances. A real estate agent calls to tell them that a U.S. client wants to buy La Gavia. Mercedes is quite worried, but they assure her that it is not for sale yet although they are going to speak with the agent to find out what price it might command. The brothers leave with their uncle for La Gavia, where Lupe is waiting for them with their favorite dishes.

Raquel talks to Uncle Jaime in San Juan at Angela's request. He sends word that there is a buyer for the apartment. She then leaves a message regarding Roberto's condition for the Castillo family. Next, she asks the receptionist to get some tickets for the Ballet Folclórico.

At the hospital Arturo meets Roberto and expresses his gratitude to Raquel for her help in finding his relatives. When he sees Roberto, he notes that he has the same smile as Ángel. He has brought some things of Angel's from Buenos Aires, and he tells the story from his perspective. The doctor comes to examine Roberto.

Meanwhile, alone and looking tired, Carlos returns to Ramón's and repeats his promise to explain things to the family.

Cultural information:

The Mexican Ballet Folclórico and the Palace of Fine Arts

Episode 40: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

The doctor examines Roberto and declares he is ready to go home. He has to go shopping first because his clothes were left in the town near the excavation.

In New York, Pati is at the theater where they are rehearsing her work. She has an intense argument with the producer because the backers want some changes in the more controversial scenes. She refuses to change anything. Pati and her assistant talk a bit about her problems with Juan, but they leave the matter of changes in the play unresolved.

Angela, Raquel, Roberto, and Arturo leave the hospital and go to the hotel. Raquel and Angela change money and also buy some postcards in a nearby store. Then they buy stamps at the post office. They chat, to pass the time, about the relationship between Raquel and her mother. María at times doesn't realize how her actions affect other people. Afterward they all go to buy clothes for Roberto. They plan to go to the hospital to see don Fernando.

Meanwhile, in don Fernando's hospital room, the doctor advises Mercedes that it will be necessary to take her father to Guadalajara by plane immediately so that a specialist can examine him there. Mercedes calls La Gavia to ask Lupe to pack a bag; she interrupts the meeting between Pedro and Ramón and the agent who is inspecting the property. They all gather at the hospital to watch the ambulance take don Fernando to the airport. Carlos says he is now ready to explain everything.