1.You'll be happier
2.Your partner will   be happier
3.You'll have sex more often
4.You'll enjoy sex more
5.You'll keep your love alive
6.You'll experience the spark of infatuation again
7.You'll reduce the chance your partner might cheat on you
8.You'll increase the probability that you'll stay married
9.You'll add depth and meaning to your relationship
10.You will create a safe haven where you can be yourself
11.You will be truly heard and deeply understood by the one you love
12. You'll save m,oney by expressing your love in little creative ways
13.Exercising your creativity will benefit you in other areas of your life
14.You'll probably live longer
15.You'll be better parents (ALSO NOT GONNA HAPPEN! NO CHILDREN!!)
16.You'll be great role models for your children (We wouldnt be even if we had kids.. LOOK AT US!!)
17.You'll be great role models for friends and neighbours
# 18 - # 21 deal with CHILDREN, so i wont list em :)
22.You'll make the world a better place
23.You'll come to appreciate your own uniqueness (already do thanx )
24.You'll come to appreciate your partners uniqueness (already do that too)
25.You'll reduce or eliminate therapy bills!
26.You'll get more of what you want out of life
27.You'll strengthen your self-esteem and self-confidence
28.You'll never have to write to Dear Abby for love advice
29.You'll be better able to live your faith (love is central to every religion)
30.You'll have a quiet confidence that you have achieved something few people have
31.You'll create a truly mature relationship
32.You'll move beyond treating your partner like a stereotype
33.You'll have more energy to focus on your career
34.You'll suprise your skeptical in-laws ( I doubt that )
35.You'll deepen your understanding of the opposite sex
36.You'll reconnect with your creative, impulsive, spontanious, child like nature
37.You'll live up to your tue potential in life
38.You'll never again be panic stricken on Valentines Day
39.You'll never again have to feel guilty for having forgotten a birthday or anniversary
40.You'll stay young-at-heart
41.Love makes the world go 'round
42.Your partner wants you to be romanitc - What more reason  could you need?
43. Why not?
1.Go through revolving doors together
2. Go on a road trip  in a VW 'Love Bug'
3.Get silly pictures taken in a photo booth
4.Join your partner in the dressing room at the store
5.Make love in a restroom aboard a plane in flight
6.Relax together in a Jacuzzi
7.Make love in a closet at a friends party
8.Sleep spoon style in a single bed
9.Squeeze into phone booths together
10. Camp out in a tent together
11.Make love in the back seat of a car
12.Travel in a trains sleeper car
13.Attend movie theatres that have 'love seats'
14.Sit side by side in booths at  little diners
15.Make love in an elevator
16.Go on  vacation aboard an RV
17.Hold a picnic in a tree fort
18.Make love in the back of a limousine
19.Take a relaxing bubble bath together
20. Make love in a sleeping bag
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