A friend is someone who knows you, and loves you just the same.
Ok, so I woke up this morning, and I was like, "DUDE I NEED TO MAKE A WEBPAGE FOR ALL MY FRIENDS CUZ I LOVE 'EM!!" Yea...Weird...I know. Hey but you know, I'm weird!! Hehe...U should know that by now, i mean GEEZE! But I mean think about it, if you grow up and hava great life but never tell your friends, or even best friends, that you love 'em and tell them why...Who's gonna be at your funeral? Exactly...so this site is JUST for my friends. No stuff bouts me, just ma girls and guys that I love! So read on and have a great time! hehe
For Nicole - Best Friend of 5 Years...
First of all - I kno we have been through so much. I mean its amazing! Fight after fight (cause sometimes i get mad for REALLY stupid reasons) but it always ends up --- us being best friends forever. You've been like a sister to me through everything. *We basically have the same taste in guys! haha! HE HAS THE BEST LIPS! Ooo yea! lOl! Times are good now, and life has us stayin' happy, stayin' tan, and bein best friends!
~~Dude, remember that guy from Shasta? HE WAS HOT! but that was really scary when he started asking us those questions and stuff!!!  wooooweeee! hehe....whenever we hang out, we end up laughing so hard our brains start to hurt and our faces are stuck in smiles! I'll always remember those times...cause there's definately more to come!
Here's a song For You: (the love part just means i love ya as my sister and best friend!lol k?!)
--Of all the things I believed in,
I just wanna get it over with.
Tears form behind my eyes,
But I do not cry.
Countin' the days that pass me by.
I've been searchin deep down in my soul,
Words that I'm hearin are starting to get old.
Feels like I'm startin all over again,
The last three years were just pretend.
And I said,
Goodbye to you,
Goodbye to everything that I knew.
You were the one I loved,
The one thing that I tried to hold onto.....*

And Nicole...if this song ever ends up in my info again, and if this song ever explains whats going on between us again -- I dono what I'm gonna do.

I love you girl. Thanks for always being there, and having a smile on your face. You're worth everything you got. Make everything the best it can be. Our friendship will outlast anything! Love you!
For Britt - A best friend I always wished for
Dude - Bein ur best friend has had me on some wild adventures! I love spending time with you and going to Youth Group with you (and sometime soon...Church too). Its amazing to see you caring so much about something that it changed your whole personality over the course of a year. You're a strong person and I love ya! Im so glad I met you last year...and even though sometimes we get in to really awkward fights - I'm always here for you. "So...eh...who are we gonna marry?" lol! We're only 13 and we're worryin' about who to marry! lol we're freaks!!!
"One of the many lessons that one learns in prison is, that things are what they are. . .and will be, what they will be." - Oscar Wilde
Hopefully you never find yourself in prison and learning that lesson the hard way!! LOL! I'll always love you. We're best friends, and thats how it will be forever. Never forget that I'm here for you. Peace Out Chica!
Kyle and Blake...
You guys are so fun to be around its crazy! Plus ur some of the sweetest guys I've ever met in my life! I can't imagine what it'd be like to not have you guys around! Kyle....I dont want to see your nipple! LOL! Sure Blake, another hug....haha...Thanks for listening to me talk and ramble on about my probs.
I got hugs here for ya guys whenever ya need 'em! lol...hehe later babes!
COREY, HOPE, DANI...The NSClub -- Coos Coos, Brownie, Nat "C"....morgan, andrew ( i luv u! ), gavin, SEAN (ur so cool! love you!), Keely, KIRAH BUDDY, Nicole J, Jessi J, JG, Lauren, Ellie, Liz D, Candra, Madeline, Kelsey W, CATHRINE! (you broke it! LOL!), REBEL!, Kate, Morgan ( i miss u!), Jenna, Kenzie!!, Dave--- OUR BAND IS SO SWEET!, Annie, PT KIPI! lol, Kira, Cheyenneh, Kathy, Dennis!!! ma dude!, TAYLOR M ( my bro! )....Mike~ I miss you! Can't wait until July 21st!!!!!!!...oh and STINK AND STENCH! aka....Dillan and Allen! lol. And you can NEVER forget.................
I just want all ya guys to know I love you and you've made my life better in almost every way possible!  I LOVE YOU!