All About Me …
My name is JT Stone, and I live in Southern California … You might know me as JTS in clubs, or as ILTSWT in Yahoo chatrooms … (more on what that means later)

I'm a bi female, 41 but still very presentable: Sandy brown hair (I'm keeping it short these days), big brown eyes, fantastic breasts (36-c, with killer nipples), and a full-time libido. (I guess it's true what they say about women and their sexual prime …)

I'm bi because I can't see leaving half the population out of the fun. But, while guys are fine,
I LOOOOOOOVE women. Lesbian sex is the best…

What does ILTSWT mean? "I love to suck women's toes." If you haven't experienced foot love, either giving or receiving, you haven't lived. My soles are VERY ticklish, and when a lover runs her tongue across them it gives me chills … it's the quickest way to get me wet!
One of my favorite quotes: "And this little piggie said … Oh, God, don't you dare stop!"

What else do I love?
--I love my "Black Beauty," my 12-inch ebony dildo. I have other toys, including my trusty strap-on, but nothing satisfies  quite like "Black Beauty."
-- I love watching good porn - too bad they don't make much good porn any more.
--I love oral sex - giving, receiving, watching others. (Ladies, how many of you out there enjoy watching two guys do each other? I know I do. Fair's fair, after all.)
--I love to kiss a woman all over: the earlobe, the jaw, the throat, the nape of the neck, the shoulders, down her back, across her front, over her belly … soft, gentle butterfly kisses. (And if you do that to me, I'll follow you anywhere.)
--I love women with body jewelry. I just got my belly-button pierced: OW did it hurt, but OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH, does it look cool! Now I'm thinking of getting my nipples pierced … ladies, should I?
--I love men with big equipment, if you know what I mean, preferably uncircumcised. (Did you see what I saw at the Olympics? All those swimmers and track guys in their body suits … you could tell which guys were packing the "right stuff!" )
--I love women who don't shave under their arms. Maybe it's because the woman who introduced me to sapphic love, all those years ago, was au naturel. It still makes me hot.
--I love lovers of both sexes who are gentle, who take their time, who know how to caress … is that you?
-- And I absolutely, positively, LOVE to cyber. (Girls, especially, don't be shy! IM or e-mail me, and let's get busy.)

Turn-offs? Rudeness and pushiness. "No" means "No." So if you IM me and I tell you not now, leave it at that. It might help your chances next time.

Anyway, that's a little something about me. Hope to run into you in the chat rooms …

Love and kisses (and more),
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I'm not in all of these pictures ... but if you'd like to see me -- a lot of me (wink) -- you'll need to check out my Yahoo photos page. IF you're 18 or over, that is.
Yes, I'm 18 or over, and I want to see the pictures.

No, I'm not old enough yet. I'll come back when I am.
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