I have split my  illustrations into these three sections, so that you know what awaits you. Well, I could say that the sections will be  updated each month or something, but the  fact is  that  they will  be updated when I get next job. The  only section  that will  face  regular  changes  is the 'other' section,  where are the illustrations that  I've done for my own rpg needs and pleasure.
Welcome to my online gallery, a place where I plan to put all the stuff I've done that   deserves  to be seen.  I mean stuff which I  hope is  good enough  to  be   seen. Or  -  the stuff that best represents my work.  Whatever!  It's here,  naked and exposed to all your critics  and suggestions.
I am, after all,   freelance illustrator. Pretty much said with that: if you think that you  have a job for me,  then you can  be  sure I want it.  I strive to  be as  more professional as I can,  even dreaming  about the time when I could live  wholly on my illustrations. Yes, that's a  dream, I am aware of that, but then - if I am to choose a job that I want most, then it's exactly freelancing  for rpg industry.
Being  rpg  player for  many years,  I have seen  a lot of good  (good?  I mean   fantastic!)  illustrations that  have sparkled my imagination and added   to my creativity.  I am  trying to  use my roleplaying  affinities and  imagination when drawing   for  the industry,   so  the  job   that  puts   together   my  experience, enthusiasm, affinities and creativity that I can find, with chance to earn money - is the best thing I need.
So,  if you  just  happen to  represent the rpg  publishing house,  or if you are   illustrator yourself, drop me email by all means! As well as I need job, I also need  any and  all thoughts about my  work - critics and suggestions are not only welcomed, but asked for!
I hope you will find   these illustrations interesting!
Your friendly   freelancer, Misha
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