Hello !
My name is Jackie.
I have a 21 yr. old daughter Celyna (Sa-lee-na), which is the pride of my life, that lives with me along with her cat. 
I also have my "main" man. Zachary, a Papillon, dog.
Also known as a "Butterfly" dog. 

I come from a small family, located here in Wisconsin and Indiana.
In my spare time I like to sew.  Once making my daughter's whole summer attire. There's nothing like seeing your work well done and worn with pride.  I sew doggie outfits and sell them on Ebay, ranging from xxsm to meduim in size.

I am a blue collar worker, with many years of SpotWelding behind me, also have some Assembly work and currently working as a NC Laser Operator on a 12 on, 12 off-night, weekend shift.  With four days off during the week.  I have currently reached my tenth year anniversay at my present place of employment.  With many to follow. (At least by the looks of it)  Yeah, that's right, I'm a factory RAT........ (show me the cheese).......UUGG! 

I someday wish to move back to Virginia, which is where I lived for a decade.  I enjoyed the "Land for Lovers", state very much.  There I sewed for a living making "London Fog" coats.  The company closed the plant and with the struggling economy there, I moved back to Wisconsin to join my family.

A Poem called "Snuggles"
{S} is for the Special person you are
{N} is for Nice, nice to know you
{U} is for Understanding your goals, go for it!!
{G} is for the Gifts god gave you
{G} is for the Goodness in your heart
{L} is for Liking having a friend like you
{E} is for Everyday brings a new message
{S} is for Saying what you mean and meaning what you say
Thank You For Visiting
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Greetings From Zachary.
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