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   "Showtime" Skeletal, callous, and frightenignly strong, the ubervamp is among Buffy's deadliest foes. Chief minion of the devilish, shape-shifting First, the demon divides his time between killing potential slayers and torturing kidnapped Spike. Determined to protect her apprentices and rescue Spike, Buffy racks her brain for a plan of action. While, Giles and Anya hope that a visionary creature called Beljoxa's Eye can offer a final solution to the First's threats.

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Saturday 14, 11pm

"Checkpoint"- Buffy and company get a visit from the Council of Watchers, who possess insight into who (or what) Glory is, unfortunately, they're less than farthcoming with the crucial information as the bureaucracy takes over a short-on-time is Glory is as determined as ever to obtain the Key.

Sunday 15, 12am

"Bad Eggs"- Buffy's Mom-sponsered shopping trip to the mall is interrupted by lyle Gorch, one of two vampire brothers from the wild wild west. The next day in school Xander and Cordelia continue to keep their relationship secret.
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