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in memory of my grandparents
Harry and Blanche Whitman Burrell

Grandma was the one, I looked up to.
She gave me acceptance and love.
I always had her I could run to.
And, of her, I thought so much of.

Grandpa was full of smiles and laughing
And always had something to say.
They, together, so many memories bring.
It was a sad day when he passed away.

As a child I couldn't wait to see them.
I'd often sit in the window in anticipation
of that old gold car coming to my home again.
A little girl quivering with expectation.

My grandma was stubborn and aloof to some
but inside her was a heart of gold.
Grandpa was friendly and always had gum.
I never thought of them as growing old.

As a child I often took them for granted
Never thinking of the time passing away.
I see my daughter in the garden she planted
and I remember, myself, that way.

My son, my grandfather truly adored.
One daughter carries Grandma's name.
Today, the history I try to record
Of the people from whence they came.

Simple hardworking farmers they were
and extraordinary grandparents, you see.
These particular people to which I refer
Will always be cherished and loved by me.

Grandma Blanche Burrell turns 90 this year!
Grandpa Harry Burrell passed away in 1990.
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Desiree Lynn Rodcay
Grandma Blanche, outside her home.
Her "flower garden" in her yard. 
It's even prettier when you see it in person.
This page is just for me.

I'm Desiree!

I was born in Pekin, about 30 yrs. ago.

I met Mike in '95
and married him in '96.

We have a total of 2 children
together and 6 total.

Creig, Jenna, Cassie, Michael
Michelle and Danielle.

I enjoy researching my ancestors,
playing bingo,
going to church,
writing poems,
watching thunderstorms
storm chasing-
and rainy nights.

We have 6 cockatiels,
Cuddles, Cinna-Minnie,
Sunshine, Cloudy, Stormy
and Bright Eyes.
For more of my poems......
"In Memory of STORMY"
5 May 1995 - 1 Aug 2000
Left - Stormy,  Right - La' Peu, May 1996
Creig 13 1/2, Jenna 9, Cassandra 81/2,
Michael Jr. 7
1/2, Michelle 5,
Danielle 3
Summer (June) 2001
Michelle, Danielle, Cassie and Cuddles, 2000
Michael Jr. @ 7 1/2 years
"In Memory of Stormy"

Lost and abandoned
as if nobody cared.
Wet and left for dead,
lots of love not yet shared.
Eyes not yet opened
you fit into my hand.
Can I be your mother-
and you my little man?

You fit into the family
right from the very start.
And anyone could plainly see
you competely stole my heart.
I held you and I fed you
and made your bed so warm.
I came to be a mother to-
my little man from the storm.

You've become like a child to me
throughout the past five years.
I don't want to let you go
or shed these many tears.
It is now time to say goodbye
the best way that I can.
I will always be your mother...
Goodbye, my little man.

To Aunt Rosie Burrell Lambert
From Desiree Burrell Rodcay

September 18, 2000
Michelle's first year of preschool.
She's in a purple dress, in the front row.
<----Sitting next to her is her "boyfriend" Michael.  They would call them "M&M" cause they never were apart while at school.
Below is Creig with his football team, "The Jets".  --2000-2001--
Creig is #25
Danielle Marie @ 31/2 years (5/2002)
Michelle Anne @ 5 years (10/2001)
Creig, 1999
StormyGirlMe Live Journal
Cassie Lynn @ 9 years (10/2001)
Creig Leigh @ 13 1/2 years (9/2001)