by Sunstar351

Roman & Marlena

Somewhere in Anelram, Asia

Marelna:Roman, yes! Yes I will marry you.
Roman:(picking Marlena up in his arms)Oh, Doc. I love you so much.
M:I love you to Roman.
R:The kids are going to be so happy.
M:The kids. Oh my, weíve got to get home.
R:Youíre right. Weíll leave first thing in the morning.
M:Oh, lets not think that far in the future. Lets just focus on the now.

John & Kristen

Kristen runs into John at Salem place.

Kristen:(kristen grabs johns arm as he turns to leave)John, wait.
John:Kristen Iím not in the mood to listen to you right now.
K:Just listen to me for one minute.
J:Why should I?
K:Please. One minute and thatís all.
J:Fine. Start talking.


Stefanoís talking on the phone in his hospital room.

Stefano:I know you want to come, but now is just not the time.
...I understand that itís been difficult for you, but
...I know, I know
...Look. As soon as I can Iíll come to see you.
...OK. Now would you put your brother on? Hey there kiddo.
...I know. Just keep her occupied as long as you can.
The nurse walks in.
Stefano:Well, Iíve got to go now. Bye.

Austin & Carrie

Austinís lying in bed while Carrieís in the bathroom.

Austin:Come on Carrie. It canít take that long.
Carrie:Iíll be out in a minute.
A:(to himself)I donít have a minute.
Carrie walks out of the bathroom and stands in the door way. Holding a pregnancy test in her hand.
A:Itís all right Carrie. Itís not going to happen right away.
Carrie walks over to the bedside and shows Austin the test.
A:Oh boy.
C:(smiling)Or girl.

Nicole & Eric

At their apartment.

Nicole:(sitting down at the kitchen table)Eric.
Eric:(coming out from the bedroom)Nicole. Whatís wrong?
N:I think it was something I ate. The babies must not have liked it very much.
E:Well why donít you go lye down on the couch and Iíll bring you some hot tea.
Nicole got up and began to walk to the couch when she stopped.
E:Whatís wrong?
N:I think itís time.
E:Time for what?
N:(glaring at Eric, then looking at her stomach)The babies.
E:Oh. Oh! Are you sure?
N:My water just broke. I think thatís a good sign that itís time.
E:Ok, then we need to get you to the hospital.
Eric got their coats and they left for the hospital.

Hope & Greta

Stepping out of a limo in front of the Pub.

Hope:Well this is it.
Greta:Wow, it looks so homely.
H:Yeah, well, it is. I canít wait for you to meet everyone. Especially Bo.
G:You talk about him a lot. He seems like a really nice man.
H:He is. Youíll love him.
G:I just hope that he likes me.
H:He will. Just wait till everyone finds out what weíve found out.

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