Abbyís walking down a back ally, on her way to Ron house, when she hears a noise.
Abby:(turning around) What was that? Oh Abby get a hold of yourself, it was just a cat.
Abby turns back around and sees a boy standing right in front of her.
A:You scared me.
Boy:Didnít mean to.
A:Itís all right.
B:So whatís a girl like you doiní in a place like this?
A:Whatís that suppose to mean?
B:Well, youíve got this goodie goodie Old Navy shirt. Youíre wearing gold jewelry, which probably isnít fake, and youíve got "Iím lost" written all over your face.
A:Iím not lost. Iím running away.
B:Oh. Well where you gonna stay?
A:At my boyfriendís house.
B:(sarcastically)Oh and I bet thatís the last place your parents are gona look for you.
A:I guess youíre right. Well, then I donít know where Iím going to stay.
B:Then pick up you bags and follow me.
A:But I donít even know your name.
B:(walking away)Itís Nick.
Abby picked up her bags and ran after him.

Sami and Franco
Sami and Franco are coming back into their hotel room from the beach.
Sami:That was so much fun.
Franco:Yeah, the beaches here in Mexico are so beautiful.
S:I know what you mean. Iíve taken so many pictures for the kids to see.
F:Theyíre going to love the gifts we got them.
S:I canít believe that itís time to go home already.
FWell, weíll have to come back soon.
S:That would be wonderful.
F:How about Christmas.
S:Franco you know thatís a big family holiday for me.
F:Ok. We can figure it out later. Itís time for our riding lessons.
S:Alright lets go.

Minnie, Greg and Jess

Minnie and Greg come running into the hospital and see Jess walking up to the nurseís station.
Greg:Jess. I heard Eric had to bring Nicole in.
Jess:Yep. I was just on my way into the delivery room now.
Minnie:Well we donít want to keep you.
G:Minnieís right. Give Eric and Nicole our love.
J:I will.(Jess walks away)
M:I hope everything goes ok.
G:Me too.
M:I bet Ericís a wreck.
G:It wouldnít surprise me.
M:Well Iím going to go call his family.
G:Alright. Iím going to go see if I can find out anything about Nicole and the babies.

Eric and Nicole

Eric:(Nicoleís screaming)Breath darling, breath.
Nicole:I am you moron!
Jess:(walking into the room)Just hang in there Nicole.
N:Iíve been hanging in for almost an hour.
Doctor:You wonít have to wait any longer.
D:Itís time Nicole. Now I want you to push on three. Ok?
D:On my count. One...two...three.(Nicole screams) Ok one more time. One...two...three.
Eric looks up at the doctor, who has a very concerned look on his face.
E:Doctor whatís wrong?
D:Nurse please get Mr. Brady out of here.
E:No Iím not leaving Nicole.(Jess grabs Erics arm and starts pulling him out) I canít leave her Jess. Whatís going on?
J:I donít know. Go to the waiting room and Iíll be there as soon as I know something.
The credits roll as Eric watches through the window on the door.

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