Chapter 12


Eric walks out of the delivery room with his head in his hands.(Everyone's waiting in the hallway)
Minnie:(running up and hugging Eric)Oh Eric, we're so sorry.
Eric:(looking up at her)You know about Nicole and the babies?
Greg:A nurse came out and told us there had been some complications.
Eric:Did she say anything else?
Eric:Why wont they tell me anything?
Jenn:They will, you just have to be patient.
Eric:Yeah, easier said than done.
Jess:(walking out of the delivery room)Eric.
Eric:(running to her)Jess what's going on? Is Nicole, OK? are the babies OK?
Jess:Eric slow down. There's been some complications with the babies-
Eric: I know that already. What kind of problems?
Jess:Well the babies are sort of tangled.
Jenn:What do you mean?
Jess:The babies umbilical cords are wrapped around each other. The doctor is going to do an emergency C-section before the babies...
Eric:Before the babies what?
Jess:There's another thing, the babies umbilical cords are also wrapped around their necks and we have to get them out before...well, before the babies suffocate.

* * *

Abby and Nick

Abby and nick arrive at and old warehouse.
Abby:So, this is your place.
Nick:Yep. You can crash on the bed if you want.
Abby:Thanx. Do you live here by yourself?
Abby sits down on the bed and pulls up the covers.
Nick hunts around in his drawers.
Abby:What ya lookin' for?
Nick:Just a litttle pick me up.
Nick:(holding up a joint)This.
Nick:(lighting up the joint and taking a puff)Want a smoke?
Abby:Uh, I don't know.
Nick:What, ya scared of a little joint?
Nick:Then come on. It's just a smoke.
Abby:Well, ok.

* * *

At The Hospital

Everyone's waiting around in the waiting room when Sami and Franco come in.
Sami:Eric.(hugging him) What's going on?
Eric:I don't know yet. They're still in surgery.
Sami:Lets just pray that their ok.
The Doctor walks out with Jess at his side.
Eric:(running up to the doctor)Doctor, is everyone ok?
Doctor:I can't say.
Eric:What? What do you mean you can't say?
Dr:Your wife has asked that she tell you her self.
Eric:Well, where is she?
Dr:She's in room 319.(eric starts tward the room when the dr grabs his arm)Wait.
Eric:What now?
Dr:You should know that Nicole needs her rest and you shouldn't stay to long.
Jess walks off with Eric as everyone else waits.

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