Chapter 14

John and Kristen

John and Kristen are talking in Salem place.
John: Ok Kristen, start talking.
Kristen: John, all I've ever wanted was for you to love me the way that you loved me before I lost our child and I would do anything to get that back.
Kristen: But, I've realized now that it's going to take a lot more to get that back.
John: O.K., I'm listening.
Kristen: All I'm asking is that we get to know each other again. You let me show you how I've change and maybe we can be friends again.
John: It's been a while since we've really talked and I guess it wouldn't kill me to give you a chance.
Kristen: Oh John, thank you so much.
John: You better not give me a reason to regret my decision, Kristen.
Kristen: I won't John. Thank you.


Stefano is talking with Rolph.
Stefano: Rolph, I'll be taking a trip this afternoon.
Rolph: Where to Sr.?
Stefano: My Island down off the cost of Mexico.
Rolph: What fore Sr.? Everyone's all right aren't they?
Stefano: Yes Rolph, just in need of a little help.
Rolph: Will you be bringing anyone home with you?
Stefano: We'll see.

Hope and Greta

Hope and Greta are inside the pub.
Greta: Wow, this chowder really is great.
Hope: Yep, and it's the best you'll ever have.
Greta: I can believe that.
Hope: I wish Bo would get here.
Greta: How do you know he'll come.
Hope: Because he always comes to the pub on Friday nights.
Greta: Oh. I'll be right back. I need to go to the bathroom.
Hope: O.K. It's right around the corner.
Greta: Oh, thanks.
Hope sits down at the bar when the door opens and Bo walks in.
Bo: Hope?
Hope:(turning around and smiling) Bo.
Bo: What are you doing here? You're supposed to be in Rome.
Hope: I know, but I just had to come back and see how you are.
Bo: I'm married.
Hope: Oh.
Bo: To Billie. And we have 4 kids. Katiana's 7, Brad and Scott are 5, and Ryan's almost a year old.
Hope: That's, great. I'm happy for you.
Bo: Thanks. So, where's Shawn D. and Milla? Did they come with you?
Hope: No. Shawn D. and his girlfriend offered to have her stay with them while I'm here.
Bo: Oh. So why are you here then?

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