Chapter 15

A few days later in Salem

Nicole, Eric, & family (at home)

Nicole: Eric, it's great to be home again with you and the kids.
Eric: I know. I'm really glad that you and the twins are doing well. If something had happened, I don't know what I would've done.
N: Let's be glad that nothing did happen.
E: Yeah. You know, you've been through a lot these past few months. Why don't you go out for the night. I'm sure Sami would love to have a "girls night out".
N: That's a great idea! Are you sure you'll be okay with all the kids?
E: I'm sure David & Lara would be happy to lend a hand.
N: Okay then. I'll call her up & make plans.


Abby, Ron, & Nick

Abby: Ron, just leave! Right now, I just need to get away. Nick is the easiest way of doing that.
Ron: C'mon, Abby. You know your parents have been worried about you. They call my house day and night trying to find you.
Nick: Oh, well. Abby doesn't need them anymore, she's got me.
A: Excuse me? Since when do you make decisions for me? R: Abby, either come with me now, or I'll call your parents & they'll come get you.
A: Let's go Nick. You're right, I don't need them anymore.
R: Wait! If not for me or your parents, think of Beth. She's so upset. You were the most stable part of her life. She needs you.
A: (sobbing) C'mon Nick.......
(Abby & Nick leave Ron.)


At the Pub

Hope: Bo, I'm sorry I left. It was the best thing for both of us at the time. Now you have Billie & the kids. I have Shawn-D and Milla. We're all happy now.
Bo: Fancy face, do you know how long it took for me to get over you? Well, I don't think I have completely yet. I miss our children. Sailor Man and Milla always made me happy. I want to see them again.
H: They're back at home. I'm sure they'd love for you to visit them though. Maybe you could take Billie & the kids over there. Milla would be so excited to see you again. I'm not sure about Shawn-D. He never could get over the fact that the two of you were separated for so long.
B: Well then. I'll call Billie & ask her about it. Where are they at now?
H: Shawn-D, Milla, & I are still living in Rome. If you want, I'll write down the address and phone number for you.
B: That would be terriffic. (She writes it down for Bo). Thanks. I'm gonna go home and talk to Billie. When are you leaving?
H: I don't know.


Sami & Nicole's phone conversation

Sami: Nicole, I'm so glad that you and the twins are ok.
Nicole: Well thank you very much. I called to ask if you want to go out tonight for, say, a "girls night out"?
S: Sure. I'd love to. The only thing is that I promised Minnie I'd go see her. She's getting really depressed again & we're all worried about her.
N: Think she'd like to come along?
S: I don't know. I'll ask her though. Who else do you want to come?
N: Let's call Jess up too. Maybe she wants to come out.
S: I'll call those two then. How about Carrie?
N: Why not? The more the merrier!
S: Okay then. I'll give you a call back in a little while.
N: Thanks. See ya. Bye.
S: Bye.


In the shadows

Girl: Are you sure this is the right place?
Boy: Yep. The sign says it's here.
G: Where are we gonna stay?
B: I don't know. How much money did they give you?
G: I have five grand to get us through Salem & tickets back home.
B: We shouldn't need those tickets back home. Not if we find him.
G: Let's worry about that later. For now, we need to find a hotel.
B: There's one over there. It's the Salem Inn. Sound good?
G: Yeah Max. Do you think they'll let us check in?
Boy (Max): Listen, all people care about in this world is money. "Show them the money" and they'll give you anything.
G: Ok then. I'm tired. Let's hurry this up.
M: Fine.
(They check into the hotel & pay for the next 5 nights)

(credits roll)