Setting: Salem, USA 5/15/2008

(At University Hospital)

Dr. Mike Horton: Will I ever get a life?
One of the nurses: You're a doctor, you can't have a life, unless you become a psychiatrist, like your mother was.
Mike: I already specialize in every type of medicine imaginable. Why must I be the only one here who still lives....wait, I don't live anywhere. I always sleep at the hospital. I have no home.
Nurse: Oh, that's a shame. Bye.
M: Wait! I need to go out with someone, anyone! (to himself): Ever since I got this Chief-of-Staff job I've never done anything, except work. It's all Carrie's fault. If she wouldn't have helped me, then Craig would've had the job, & he'd be up to his neck in work. Oh, well. Maybe I'll go visit my son in Israel. How old is he now? I haven't even thought of him since, sometime around 1997. Let's see.....he's probably over 21 by now. Maybe he can come to the states to see me. I'll call him on my next day off, which should be in about the year 2108 at the rate I'm going.


(At Austin & Carrie's house)

Carrie: Ashley! Angel! Come and clean up your rooms!
Ashley: But Mom, we're still playing.
Angel: Yeah Mommy. I don't want to clean my room.
C: I am your mother! You will listen to me & obey me, or else!!!
As: No Mommy!
(Carrie grabs a belt from the kitchen & starts beating her children)
(Ashley & Angel return to their rooms with visible scars.)
C: That'll teach 'em. I hate when they don't listen to me. I wonder where Austin is. He should be here to help me.

(Austin comes in the front door and sees Carrie with a belt in her hands)


In Stefano's room

Stefano: Where am I?
Kristen: You're in the hospital, Stefano.
S: Who's Stefano?
K: That's your name. Your mine & Peter's adopted father.
S: Who are you? Who is Peter?
K: I'm Kristen. Peter is my brother. You adopted us a long time ago.
S: I don't know what you're talking about. Come to think of it, I don't know who I am or anything about me.
K: Father, no! Peter, Bart, & I will help you remember who you are.
S: Bart???? Who's he?
K: One of your, uh, friends. He works for you.
S: What do I do?
K: Well, you have no real job. I don't know how you got to be so rich. You have a lot of secret plans though. You wouldn't tell anyone them. You used to say that you would take over Salem.
S: Where is Salem?
K: I don't know. It's where we live though. It's in the USA. But, it's not in any state. But, we have a major airport.
S: That's nice to know.


(At Jack, Jen, & Family's house)

Jack: Yo guys, come down here. We're going to eat dinner.
Jen: Abby, Beth, help me get the triplets.
Abby: Why do we have to Mom? They're your kids, not ours.
Ja: Abigail Deveraux, don't you ever speak to your mother like that again! You and Beth will help your mother get your sisters and brother ready for dinner.
A: Fine! Come on Beth.
Ja: Be nice to Beth! Beth, don't go along with her in her schemes.
B: It's ok. I'll help her out. She's just mad because of Ron.
Ja: That boy is trouble! I'm going to have a talk with her later about him.
Je: Jack! I need your help up here.
Ja: Yes, dear?
Je: Can you get Steve, I want to get washed up before dinner.
Ja: Sure.

(At Austin & Carrie's)

Austin: Carrie! What's wrong??
Carrie: Oh, I was just..uh..washing one of your belts.
A: You're so thoughtful (he's still stupid in 2008).
C: The kids are in their rooms.
A: Why? They always love when I come home.
C: They refused to clean their rooms, so I sent them in there.
A: I'll go talk to them. Okay?
C: No! (Carrie realizes that Austin could see the scars on them) They just went in there. They have to learn a lesson.
A: I won't let them out. I just want to say hi.
C: NO! You can't.
A: Carrie, why can't I see my children?
C: Because they don't want to see you.
A: Ridiculous! I know they'd want to see me.(he starts walking toward their doors)
C: (physically holding him back) NO! I won't let you go in there.
A: (pushing her out of his way) For the last time: WHY CAN'T I SEE THEM?
C: (running back to keep him out of their rooms) I don't want you to see them. Besides, can you go to the store to pick up some milk and cereal?

(credits roll)

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