Here's Chapter 4:

Sami and Franco are at their home after the photo shoot. They are finishing up packing after Eric picked up Will and Maria.

Sami: Franco, how long did you make the reservations for?
Franco: From now until Tuesday.(putting his arms around sami) Just you and me. Alone. For three whole days.
S: That sounds wonderful.
F: Yeah. You all packed?
S: Almost.
F: Well, hurry up.


Kristen is still in the hospital room with Stefano.

Kristen: Father whatís wrong.
Stefano: Nothing. I was just wondering.
K: About what?
S: Well. Do I have any other children?
K: What?
S: You, know. Other than my lilí Elvis and my Alexandra.
K: Me and Peter.
S: Other than you two.
K: Well, yes.
S: Who?
K: Well thereís Megan. She was killed in 1985. Then thereís Benjy and he lives with his grand father in the east. Thereís also Tony.
S: Whereís he?
K: He killed himself.
S: Oh. Is that all?
K: Well, All that I know of.
S: (yawning) Iím getting kind of tired.
K: You get some rest now. I have to go anyway.


Abby storms up to her room and Beth followís.

Beth: Ya know, that really wasnít a very smart thing to do, Abby.
Abby: Yeah, well, they better just deal with it.
B: I donít want to seam like a nag, but you should do what they say Ďcause you do live in there house.
A: What if I didnít?
B: Didnít what?
A: Live in their house.
B: What are you talking about? A: Lets just see how they do without me.
B: Abby-
A: No. Iím leaving and thereís nothing you can do to stop me.


Austin is just about to open the door to Ashley and Angels room when Carrie deliberately falls down.

Carrie: Ouch
Austin:(turning around and rushing it carrie)Carrie are you all right?
C: I think so.
A: Here, let me help you to the couch.
C: Can you get me some ice?
A: Sure.
C: (to herself) Iíve stalled Austin for now, but those little brats better keep their mouths shut.
A: Did you say something, Hun?
C: No.


An ambulance arrives and a patient is rushed into the ER.

Mike: What do we have here?
EMT: A stab wound to the left kidney.
M: What do you think the outcome is?
EMT: He should be just fine with surgery.
M: Surgery, surgery. I donít have time for surgery. I donít even have time to be here and talk with you.
EMT: Doctor-
M: I canít take this anymore. I QUIT! I quit, I quit, I quit. Did everyone here that? I QUIT! No more pathetic Mike Horton without a life. Iím out of here. (Mike walks out of the room and out of the hospital)

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