Chapter 5

In the ER

Mike: I quit!
(Mike storms out of the hospital)
M (talking to himself): I need a date! Anyone! I wonder what ever happened to Ali? She was nice, but no, stupid me stayed away from her because of Carrie Reed! All of my trouble started with Carrie!


In the Deveraux house

Abby: Beth, I can't stand this anymore, I gotta get out of here.
Beth: Where are you gonna go?
A: I'll call Ron up. He'll let me stay at his house.
B: What about his parents?
A: They don't care. Remember, Ron has 2 older brothers & a younger sister, so his parents don't notice everything that goes on.
B: I wish you'd rethink this. If you go, your parents will be so worried.
A: Well....


Austin & Carrie's

Austin: How's your foot?
Carrie: My foot? Oh, my foot. It's starting to feel a little better, now that you're home.
A: That's so sweet of you.
C: Maybe we could take the kids to Grandma's & we could have a night alone.
A: Great idea.
C: I'll take them to the pub, okay?
A: Sure.
(Carrie takes Ashley & Angel to the pub where Caroline finally agrees to watch them overnight.)


Eric & Nicole's

Eric: How are you feeling?
Nicole: Okay I guess. All the kids are upstairs. Will is sleeping in David's room, & Maria's in Lara's room.
E: That's good.
N: What time is it?
E: About 11:30 pm. Going somewhere?
N: No, of course not, silly. I just know I have to get up really early tomorrow with all the kids.
E: Well, how about you sleep late, I'll take the kids to school, &, when I get back, I'll make breakfast for you?
N: Sounds great, but don't you have a shoot tomorrow at Titan?
E: I'll call Greg & ask him to take it. He can handle it. But wait, don't you have to be somewhere tomorrow?
N: I was supposed to have a location shoot at some restaurant, but they postponed it until next Thursday.
E: Ok then, we'll spend tomorrow together.
N: Sure.


Abby's room

Abby (to herself): I hate leaving Beth & J.J. (Jack Jr.) & the triplets, but Mom & Dad are driving me crazy! I'm a junior in high school. After next year, I'm going off to college (she'll be the only college grad. in Salem). Well, I'd better call Ron & tell him I'm coming over.


Outside the ER

Mike: Jess, thank God your here. I need your help.
Jess: What's wrong Mike? Are you ok?
M: I've just come to the realization that I have no life & it's all thanks to Carrie Reed.
J: That can't be possible. Everyone loves Carrie. What could she have done to make your life that bad?
M: If it weren't for her, I wouldn't be Chief of Staff.
J: But that's a great thing, isn't it?

(credits roll)

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