Sami & Franco's

Franco: Let's go, Samantha!
Sami: I'm coming. Could you give me a hand with my luggage?
F: Yeah, I'm on my way.
S: Let me call Eric & Nicole to make sure everything's ok.
(she calls & everything's fine)
S: Ok, I'm ready. Let's go to the airport.
F: I reserved a suite in one of the most beautiful hotels in Mexico.
S: I can't wait.
(They leave in their car & board the airplane.)


Bo & Billie's

Billie: Katiana, Brad, Scott! Come downstairs for a minute please.
Bo: What's wrong?
Bi: I'll tell you once everyone comes down here.
Bo: You're not.......pregnant again, are you?
Bi: No, I'm not. (Bo breathes a sigh of relief) Can you go up & get them please?
Bo: Sure.
(Katie, Brad, & Scott come downstairs.)
Bi: I have something important to tell all of you.


Josie & Mel's

Josie: Mel, I'm surprised that you agreed to watch all the kids for the night. It's not like you.
Mel: Well, I know I'm not getting any younger, so I figured that I should spend as much time with them now as possible.
J: Don't talk like that!
M: Sorry, dear. Let me make sure the kids are sleeping ok.
J: I'll come with you.
(They walk upstairs & check on Andrew, Louis, Melanie, Carissa, & Zach.)

M: Remember when Karin, Minnie, Chuck, & Rob were little?
J: Are you ok? You haven't mentioned Chuck's name since we moved to Salem. It's been, like, 8 years. But, as for your question, ok course I remember when they were little. They were some of the best years of our life.
M: It seems like only yesterday I was tying Karin's shoes, or pushing Chuck & Rob on the swings, or buying dolls for Minnie at the toy store.
J: I know. (fake flashbacks are shown of Mel & Josie doing the above things with their children.)


Minnie & Greg's

Greg: Min, your really tense, what's wrong?
Minnie: I don't know. I just get like this sometimes.
G: I know, but I hate seeing you like this.
M (to herself): My past is haunting me again. I wonder what ever happened to my child that I gave up for adoption. {yelling at herself in her head} I don't even know if it was a boy or a girl!
G: You know, maybe you should go for some counseling. Lately you've seemed like everything was troubling you.
M: That's sweet of you, but, I'm fine.
G: Well, I think I'm gonna call Jess & ask if she can recommend a good psychiatrist.
M: Please, no.
G: Why not?


Stefano's bedside

Kristen: Father, are you asleep?
Stefano: (in an annoyed tone of voice) I was!
K: I'm sorry. I wanted to ask you something.
S: Now that I'm up, I might as well answer your question. Now what is it?
K: Well, before you referred to Hope as Gina. What ever happened that made you think that?
S: I don't think I can answer that.
K: But why? Hope or Gina, whatever, left town, like, 7 years ago! She took her kids with her. Why can't you tell me.
S: She left town? Oh no. (thinking to himself):Either she found out the secrets of her past, or she's left the country again to find out her past. This can't be good.
K: What's wrong?
S: (hestitating) Um, I thought I remembered something about my past that was bad. I think that I was simply imagining it though.
K: Oh.
(Stefano breathes a sigh of relief)


In the hospital

Mike: Jess, I need a life. Do you know any single woman around my age?
Jess: I don't know Mike. Let me think. There's Kristen Blake/DiMera
M: NO! How could you even suggest her? You've heard about all the trouble her father's put my family through.
J: Sorry. She's the only one I know of.
M: Thanks anyway. Maybe I'll go visit my son. He lives in Israel you know.
J: That'd be a good vacation for you. How old is he?
M: Well, I think he's (counting on his fingers) about 21 or so.
J: Why doesn't he live with you?
M: He lives with his mom. She used to work here.
J: Oh. Well, I gotta go, there's some patients I have to see, but if you need anything, tell me. Good luck.
M: Thanks.

(credits roll)

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