Chapter 7

At Bo & Billie's house

Billie: I have an announcement to make.
Katiana: What is it mom?
Bo: Yeah Billie, what is it?
Bi: Well, I've decided to go & find my mom & Philip.
(everyone has a stunned look on their face)


Carrie & Austin's

Carrie: I'm so glad Grandma agreed to watch Angel & Ashley. I love spending time with you.
Austin: I love spending time with you, too.
C: You know, lately I've felt so old. I mean, Angel's already 8 & Ashley's 9. Gosh, I feel like it was just yesterday when we got married.
A: I feel that way too. In a few years we'll be 40. Wow. What I'd give to feel young again.
C: Well, remember when the kids were born, we felt so young & great.
A: Wait, you aren't suggesting-
C: Yes, I think we should have another child.
(Austin faints)


Eric & Nicole's

Eric: Nicole, I'm gonna go drop the kids off at school. I'll be back in a half hour.
Nicole: Great. I'll be waiting.
E: David! Lara! Will! Maria! We're leaving!
David: We're coming Dad!
Will: Uncle Eric, I'm gonna walk to school today. Is that ok?
E: Sure.
(all but Will get into the car)
Maria: Uncle Eric, guess what.
E: What Mar?
M: Will has a crush on his new teacher.
David & Lara: Ooooohhhh.
E: You guys be nice to him. Someday you'll be older & have a crush on someone. Trust me, you won't want to be teased. Keep quiet, ok?
D, L, & M: Ok.


(Abby tries to sneak out of her room)

Jack: Abigail Deveraux! What on earth do you think you're doing?
Abby: Would you believe I was going for a midnight snack?
J: How do you explain the suitcase then?
A: I was, uh, getting ready for summer vacation a little early?
J: You'd better get back in your room before you wake anyone else in this house up.
A: No. I'm spending the night at Ron's house.
J: Oh no your not young lady!
A: Just try & stop me!


(Out on the street in front of University Hospital)

Mike: Someone, anyone, help!
Woman: May I help you?
M (to himself): Wow! She looks so great.
W: My name's Angela. I'm the new chief of surgery here.
M: Oh my gosh. I completely forgot. I was supposed to meet with you today. I'm Dr. Mike Horton, Chief of Staff here at University Hospital.
A: Are you ok? You were just screaming not long ago for help.
M: Well, I think I'm on the verge of a mental breakdown, but I'm ok.
A: Maybe I can help you.
M: Yeah, maybe you can. By any chance, are you single?
A: As a matter of fact, I am. And yourself?
M: Yup. I think this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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