Chapter 9

Bo & Billie's house

Bo: Kids, why don't you go upstairs for a while, so I can talk to mommy.
Kids: Ok. (they go upstairs)
Bo: Billie, I really wish you would've discussed this with me first.
Billie: Bo, you don't know how much I miss my mom. I know I didn't have her for the first half of my life, but I'm ready to forgive her for all she's done. I want to find her!
Bo: If you're sure, I guess there's nothing I can do to stop you. Um, who's gonna take care of the kids?
Bi: Well, I'm sure you can handle it. Maybe your mom would help you out. You have plenty of people here who would help you. Austin & Carrie probably wouldn't mind watching them a little. You could even pay a babysitter to come in sometimes.
Bo: How long are you going to be gone?
Bi: I don't know. Hopefully I'll find her quick & then convince her & Philip to come back here with me.
Bo: I don't think you should go alone. I'd be much happier if I came with you.
Bi: But you have to watch the kids. What if something happened to both of us? The kids would be all alone.
Bo: You said yourself that we have plenty of family here who'd help out.
Bi: I don't know.....


Stefano's bedside

Stefano: Kristen!!
Kristen (running in): Yes?!?
S: Where did that nurse go?
K: Didn't you tell her to leave?
S: Yes, but she may have heard too much.
K: Too much what?
S: Nevermind.
K: Are you ok? You look sick.
S: I've been couped up in this house too long. I want to go on a vacation somewhere.
K: I'll call a few places for you. Where do you want to go?
S: I'd like to see some old friends in Lugano.
K: Who's there that you know?
S: Just some people who I've come to know. You mustn't tell anyone in Salem where I'm going. They must believe that I'm still here lying in bed. Is that clear?
K: Yes. I'll call for your jet to be refueled.
S: Thank you.


University Hospital

Mike: Angela, let me introduce you to some of the staff.
Angela: That would be wonderful.
M: First, there's the PR director, Carrie Brady-Reed. Her office is right here. (opens the door & sees that Carrie's not in) Well, I suppose she'll be in later. Over there is Dr. Wesley. Excellent doctor, but is always schemeing to get himself the title of COS.
A: How rude.
M: & over here is Dr. Carver's office. Lexie took some time off to go sailing around the world with her husband. You may have heard of him, he's the Commander of the Salem P.D.
A: Yes, I have heard of Commander Carver. I've heard excellent things about his wife's work here. I hope I get the chance to work with her.
(Mike finishes with the tour.)


Eric & Nicole's

Nicole: I don't know if I can take this for another month and a half.
Eric: Well, just think, next year at this time, we could be sailing around the world, or vacationing in Europe, or Scuba diving in Hawaii. Wouldn't that be great?
N: Who would watch the kids?
E: I'm sure Sami & Franco could watch Dave & Lara. Maybe Austin & Carrie would watch the twins.
N: Oh, I can't wait!
E: Well, you can think about where you want to go. When you figure it out, tell me.
N: Ok. Now, what are we gonna do today?
E: I didn't have anything special in mind. I thought we'd just spend the day alone together.
N: Sounds great.


Greg's on the phone with Jess

Greg: Minnie's really depressed. She won't even get out of bed.
Jess: Well, I'm friends with a few psychiatrists. I'll give you their names & phone numbers.
G: Do you think they'll help her?
J: Well, I knew her when she first came to Salem. Louis was with her. I knew she was going through some rough times, but once she met you, it was like the clouds lifted & she was cured. I do think that they'll be able to help her though.
G: Thanks. What did you say their names were?


Back at the hospital

(Angela starts flirting with Mike)
M: How would you like to go out to dinner with me sometime?
A: I'd love to. How about tonight?
M: Wonderful. Where do you live?
A: I live in the suburbs. The city is just too packed. How about you?
M: I don't know anymore. I used to live with my mom & my sister, but my sister's married & my mom is in the mental hospital. I guess I still live in the house though.
A: Great. Give me directions & I'll pick you up at 7. Ok?
M: Sure. We'll go to the Penthouse Grill if that's ok.
A: Perfect.

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