ok, I've decided to start a fantasy storyline page. I'll try to keep them short (I know I hate to read stories that are really long.) & add to them as often as possible. As usual, give me your input.

This is the first in a series of updates. Once all of these are done, I will begin with the stories.

The place: Salem, USA
The date: 4/17/2008
The characters: Sami, Franco, Carrie, Austin, Mike, Will, Eric, Nicole, Ashley, Maria, Angel, David, Lara

Update since 1998 (part 1):

Austin & Carrie:
Austin & Carrie broke up, but got back together again. She had an affair with Mike which may have produced a child (it's unknown whether the child, Ashley, is Austin's or Mike's). Ashley is about 9 years old now. When Austin & Carrie got back together, they had a child (it's Austin's), named Angel (it symbolized their getting back together. "an angel was looking over them"). Angel is almost 8 now.

Sami & Franco:
Sami & Franco got together once Ashley was born. She realized that Austin loved the child a lot more than he could ever love her. Before Sami & Franco got together, she tried to get back with Lucas. He, however, was becoming an alcoholic & was abusive to both Will & Sami, so after a few weeks, he was arrested & is now at the Betty Ford Clinic. Sami & Franco were to get married on January 1, 2000, but, thanks to a tornado hitting Salem, there plans had to be postponed (they finally were married on 1/1/01). Later that year (2001), Sami became pregnant and had Maria. (thought to be named after Franco's sister). Will, now 5 years old, was placed in a boarding school because of his parents' lack of care for him. (He came back to Salem in 2006 trying to prove Austin was his father. Will loved how Austin looked after his kids & wanted that for himself. This attempt failed because "super-lawyer Mickey" {now over 80 years old} convinced Will there was no evidence to show he was Austin's son.) Sami also was pregnant in 2006 (right before Will came to Salem again) with twins. Unfortunately, in a fit of rage, Will pushed his mother down the stairs & Sami suffered a miscarriage. Currently, Franco, Sami, & Maria are one happy family. (They are unsuccessfully trying to have another child.)

Eric & Nicole:
These two hit it off well. When she first arrived in Salem in 1998, they got together & are now a famous photographer & model respectively. They were to be married on 1/1/00 along with Sami & Franco (see above), but were married on 2/14/00 (Valentine's Day. how sweet). Their son, David, was born on Christmas Day, the same year. David was diagnosed with cancer when he was 2, but was cured by various therapies & is now doing well & living his life normally (well, as normally as possible in Salem.). After this hardship, Eric & Nicole didn't want anymore children. This (just like everything else in Salem) changed. On 5/19/04, Lara was born. Nicole was seriously injured not long after Lara's birth. Nicole's limo was out of control & hit a tree. She suffered amnesia (surprise, surprise, it's still the same old Salem.) & a broken back. Her amnesia caused her to think she was married to Austin, but, after 6 months, her memory returned & she, Eric, David, & Lara moved to Colorado for a few years. They returned to Salem in late 2007 & helped decorate the Horton Christmas Tree. (yes, I know they are in no way related to the Hortons, but they helped anyway.) Presently, Nicole is pregnant with twins & is due in late October.

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