Here's the 3rd update:

The place: Salem, USA
The date: 4/17/2008
The main characters: Jack, Jen, Susan, Edmund
The minor characters: Abby, Jack Jr., Joy, Natalie, Steve, Elvis, Lisa Marie, & Grace

Jack & Jen:

These two were supposed to "ride into the sunset" & have a happy ending after they left in 1998, however, in 2004, they returned with more than they left with. Jack Jr. was born in 1999, nine months after Jack & Jen were finally remarried. Abby was always upset whenever her parents had another child. She was the center of attention in the house for so long, & then it was lost all of a sudden. Jen had triplets in 2007: Joy, Natalie, & Steve were the first set of triplets born in Salem that year (they were born on January 12). They now reside in Salem & they also have Beth (read previous page) living with them.

Susan & Edmund:

The happy couple left Salem in 1998 after the "Killing Pool" events. Susan had her second child in 2004 (the long time between, she spent trying to find "the" Elvis. Edmund also went with her on this journey. Violet watched Elvis while they were gone.). Lisa Marie was born in England, but the family came back to Salem in 2005. Since then, they've had two more children. Grace was born in 2006 & Prisilla was born in 2007. Sadly, Priscilla died of SIDS not long after she was born.

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