Here's update #4:

The place: Salem, USA
The date: 4/17/2008
The main characters: Bo, Hope, Billie, Kate, Vivian, & Ivan
The minor characters: Shawn-D, Milla, Katiana, Brad, Scott, Ryan, Alysson

Bo & Hope:

They finally got together in 1999! They had another baby on New Year's Day, 2000. The baby, Milla (short for millenium), was the first child born in the new millenium. Hope, though, took Shawn-D & Milla in 2001 to Rome, never to return (at least not yet).

Bo & Bille:

Billie lost the baby she was carrying in 1998 (complications from the drugs she was forced to take). They split up because of this, so Bo got together with Hope (see above). After Hope left, Bo realized he needed Billie again. They remarried & now have 4 children together: Katiana (born in 2001), Brad & Scott (twins) (2003), & Ryan (2008). The 6 of them live in the old Blake House. (They bought it from an auction after Kristen was presumed dead.)

Kate & Victor:

Kate was disowned by her children (she ran their lives too much) in 1999. She wanted Victor to be there for her, but, sadly he was pronounced brain dead just days after that. Kate has since left the country (rumor has it that she was getting together with Stefano, but there was never any proof.) Kate left because of Sami trying to expose her with the blackmail material. Kate & Phillip now live in some foreign country, & probably will never return to Salem.

Vivian & Ivan:

Ivan felt very lonely& saw Vivian. Viv finally gave him some of her time, &, well, Ivan & Viv are now married. Vivian was upset at that time because she found out who was Jonesy's employer (Stefano). Viv lost all her money again, but Stefano felt sorry & now funds her new publishing company, Zeus. Vivian & Ivan are doing well now in 2008.

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