The place: Salem, USA
The date: 4/18/2008
The main characters: Mickey, Maggie, Shawn, Caroline, & Alice

Update since 1998 (part 5):

Mickey & Maggie:

These two moved to Texas in 1999 because a friend of Maggie's was there & needed their help (the problem has not yet been told.) They stayed there for three years (they did come back in 1999 (read following updates {Alice}, for New Year's 2000, & Laura's Wedding to Kenneth {see prior updates}) & returned to Salem in 2002. No important storylines for them, but Mickey did convince Will that he couldn't prove Austin was his father (see prior updates). Maggie still volunteers her time at University Hospital, but not nearly as much as she used to. The couple is currently traveling around the world (they fear they'll die without ever seeing the world) in a yacht they recently purchased.

Shawn & Caroline:

Until 2007 Shawn & Caroline still owned the Brady Pub. They also opened a Day Care Center in late 1998 (as if they didn't run one before). All of Salem's children go there, including Angel, Ashley, Maria, David, Lara, Kyle, Jack Jr., Natalie, Steve, Joy, Lisa Marie, Grace, Katiana, Brad, Scott, Ryan, & Alysson. Will & Elvis help Caroline now, since Shawn died in 2007.


The great Alice Horton passed away in 1999, on New Year's Eve. It was terrible for all of Salem. Everyone in the city attended the funeral & cried, even those who hardly knew her. She is remembered for things such as getting her grandson, Mike, the chief-of-staff job at University Hospital, giving up her house for anyone to stay in, &, perhaps best, for her donuts. Her children, grandchildren, & great-grandchildren have all baked donuts on 12/31 every year since her death.

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