The place: Salem, USA
The date: 4/18/2008
The main characters: Stefano, Celeste, Abe, & Lexie
The minor characters: Peter & Bart

Updates since 1998 (part 7):

Stefano & Celeste:

A lot has happened with the Phoenix since 1998. He & Celeste got together again in 2000. Stefano has gotten Kristen out of jail, gotten Peter out of jail, managed to make Hope avoid Maison Blanche, found lil' Elvis, & die twice without missing a beat. His "death" in 1999/2000 happened right after Alice Horton died. He was secretly having an affair with her & was depressed after she died. He contemplated suicide, but after all of his "the Phoenix never dies" stuff, decided to just slip out of the picture for a while. He "resurrected" in October of 2000 & returned to Salem. His latest death was in January of 2008. He was shot in the head by (wait, we can't let out the secret yet!). Stefano is still in a coma & it's not known whether or not he'll live. Celeste is upset but she "saw it coming". Kristen, Peter, & Bart have a 24-hour vigil at his bedside. The rest of Salem cannot say they're sad he's dying. They hope the Phoenix will finally fall.

Abe & Lexie:

These two have had a relatively easy life the past 10 years. In 2007 they left the show & are said to be traveling somewhere in South America. They still have no children.

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