Us & Nanny

3 am (by Matchbox 20)

sung by Brady, Belle, Abby, Will,Phillip, & the rest of Salem's "unknown" children.

it's really cold outside & nanny puts on our raincoats.
She's always worried about things like that.
Mommy's never around to care for us. (But says it's not her fault)
and Stefano gets blamed for everything.
and we'd scream, but most of us can't talk.

Nanny says babies.
it's 3 am, you can't stay up so late.
when Nanny says babies,
we feel all better and forget who mommy is.
We wish Nanny was our mother but richer.

Well Nanny's the only one in the city who does any work.
Yet she gets the least amount of pay.
But in her arms, we feel like we got it all.
We don't think that mobile hangs as high as it used to.
No, maybe were just getting bigger.
But it's not possible, we live in Salem.

We hope that all of life is made up of what nanny gives us.
We wish we'd grow up so we could move out.
We really want mommy to come back, but it's good we have nanny.
Outside, it's really strange.

Because it's Salem.
Nothing happens here like in real places.
Where's my mommy?
It is as common here as chowder & donuts.
I hope the writers give me a line soon, or I'll quit.

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