Sami's Fight Song

Amnesia (by Chumbawumba)

Sami (however, this could be almost anyone in Salem):

Goodbye to "Days" last year.
They're gone forever.
& I will never be the
Same person again.
Does it really matter whether I was good
Or bad? I can start over.
I was bad, now I'm good.
Soon I'll return to my same old ways.

Will I suffer from long-term memory loss?
Just the writers know.....

I'll just fake amnesia
Stick to him for better or worse.
Carrie & Mike start to date.
They tried to find a cure
For our great Daddy.
Still we're fighting, head-to-head.
Austin's dumb, Carrie's too,
He wants Carrie, but she won't do...

Do I suffer from long-term memory loss?
Nope, I don't think so......

Austin's mine, Carrie'll be tossed...
Mrs. Sami Reed...

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