Screwed Up Family

To the tune of: Basketcase (by Green Day)
sung by Billie

Do you have the time,
to listen to me whine,
about bo, franco, king, & max.
Max thinks i'm one of those druggie-like fools.
So he & King got me back hooked on drugs.

Sometimes franco gives me the creeps.
his eyebrows just scare me.
the accent, that i hate.
but, he makes me feel just great.
with his help bo will come back to me.

I went to my mom, to get some good advice.
she told me to never let go of bo.
i thought why am i here?
look at mom's past.
4 kids, 3 different fathers, no doubt about it.

My family is so messed up.
I married a half-brother of
My little half-brother.
my real brother is brainless.
& lucas has absolutely no life.

Wishing I had Bo,
I gotta hold on (to him)

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