Kris' Days Drinking Game

Deals with events from spring, 1998 and later

Take a shot if:

Lucas insults Sami
Billie blames Hope for something
Alice offers to make tea and/or donuts
A flashback of any kind occurs
Ivan calls Vivian "madame"
Sami reminds Kate of the blackmail material she has on her
Anyone goes to the Hospital (except to "work")
A new teenager comes to Salem.

Drink a glass if:

Any character talks about any children going over to the pub
Any character talks about any children going over to Alice's house
Anyone goes to Chez Vous
More than two people go out of state (or country) to the same place at the same time
Hope or John talks about how they hate Stefano for not telling them about their pasts
Nicole gets upset about a letter from L.A.
Kurt tries calling Princess Gina's cell phone
A teenager puts down Chloe
Someone refers to Brady Black

Drink a pitcher if:

Shawn-D asks Bo and/or Hope if they'll ever be a family again
Any character comes back to life
Bo tells Billie it's his fault their daughter died
Billie lies to anyone (especially Bo or Hope)
Marlena spends time with her children (Belle, Brady, Sami, Carrie, or Eric)
Franco lies to Sami
A new "aged" teenager comes to Salem (e.g. Brady Black, Will Brady/Roberts?)
Victor yells at Nicole or Sami

Drink a whole case if:

Any character gets married to someone who they don't love or who doesn't love them
Austin or Carrie has a flashback about boxing
Billie, Hope, or Bo thinks about the people in the Bayou
Sami vows to make someone pay for what they did to her
Billie looks at Gina's compact
Austin & Carrie fight about Sami
Anyone thinks of Princess Gina as Hope

Drink everything if:

Caroline or Shawn offers to make someone some chowder
Stefano talks about how much he misses Kristen
Vivian complains about how her mouth (or tooth) hurts
Celeste puts on a different wig
John says "& that's a fact" or "Hey, partner"
Any character has a real flashback from more than 5 years ago
Anyone goes to the Hospital to work.
Stefano tells Hope to keep quiet in the castle in Europe

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