Messed up life

Ironic (by Alanis Morissette)

sung by Hope

An old man turned ninety-eight.
I think it was Victor, but he wasn't feeling so great.
It's a slinky dress, about four sizes too small.
It's like a dream, when Bo's walking down the hall.
It's odd, don't you think?

It's like Billie, on your wedding day.
Stealing the groom, and making him late.
It's the advice from Kate,
That was stupid to take,
And who would've thought it'd figure.

Mr. Bo Brady, agreed to marry me.
He got all dressed up, but saw billie.
He said she was in danger from a certain Italian guy.
But his boat was taken away by
Franco Kelley.
And isn't it wierd, that I still like him?


My life has a funny way of killing all my dreams for bo.
Shawn-D's too mature, but Bo & i'll never know.
We're too busy saying we're helping other people,
Between Roman & Billie, I am sick of both of them.
Maybe they'll leave again.


I went to save, a good friend & ex- brother-in-law.
Roman Brady, is bo's big brother.
He hasn't helped, me & bo get together.
He thinks billie & her baby'll need help
from the love of my life, bo Brady.
& isn't that ironic, i saved a guy
whose breaking up my relationship? I think so.

My life has a funny way of getting really messed up.
My life has a really funny way, of getting messed up.
Getting messed up....

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