"Liar" sung by Sami

to the tune of "Higher" by Creed

When scheming, I only want one of two things:
Austin or Will back.

I need to be a great mom for Will,
But I also want to be wedded to Austin.

I've been chasing him since he loved my sister.
And now I want Austin to come back to me.

So I'll go there,
I'll start planning now.
I want Austin:
I'll make him my husband.
I don't care who I hurt,
Just give me Austin & Will.
I may be a liar,
But I will get who I want.

I will do anything for my son,
He has made me appreciate
So many small things.
But his dad was an alcoholic--,
I said he hit my precious little son.
Although he saved my life--
I still blame him for Franco's death.


When I lie I feel like I'm in control &
Will have them.
I'll lie & cheat & scheme to reach my dreams
And make them mine.

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