My Never Ending Shift

Machinehead (by Bush)

sung by Mike

breathe in, breathe out
breathe in, breathe out
breathe in, breathe out

I'm tied to the hospital
My shift's never over, I'm never home.
I'm too tired to do anything.
I'm the on-
ly one in
Salem who ever gets paid for working.

Gotta go to work, on every episode.
Mom, Marlena, & John
get paid for doing nothing.
I'll never have a day off.

dateless & thirty.
I really don't deserve it.
I wish my wife was Carrie.
Austin is dumb
Growing more stupid all the time,
If I had to do it again,
I'd change it all.


I really need a life.
I wish I had a wife.
I hate the hospital.

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