"Stupidman" sung by Eric Brady
to the tune of "Kryptonite" by 3 Doors Down

I took a walk down to the park with
Nicole Roberts
We went back to my apratment and
She told me a lie:
Nicole said she had cancer,
that she was dying,
I felt there was nothing I could do. (yeah)

She told that she loved me, I said
I loved her.
After what she'd been through, I felt so bad,
I made love to her.
She gave me the whole story of her & Lucas
She said she'll divorce him & marry me.

If I leave Salem, then will You still
call me Stupidman?
If I'm on a new show, will all of you
become fans?
I shouldn't have done this, I should
still be with Greta
That dumb night

You thought I was an honest & loyal
Brady in this city.
I thought I was over Nicole that
I'd be with Greta
Nicole needed someone to talk to-she
couldn't talk to Lucas.
I listened to her, loved her, & helped
her through.