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You have stumbled across a large room filled with Galaxy Angel plushies, posters, pencilboards, and much more. Obsessed? Yes, and by the time you leave I'll make you obsessed too. Here you will find almost everything you could possibly want, so long as it's Galaxy Angel related. From graphics to gallerys this is truley a Galaxy Angel Dreamland.

Friday, May 30, 2003 - *yawns* I was up all night playing Zeelda: Ocarina of Time. I finnaly got Epona and beat the Fire Temple's boss... Now I'm at the Water Temple. It's very confusing. >_< Haha, anyway. I went to Ushicon 2003 with my friend Gamer-chan a few months ago and bought a mini-file of Ranpha. =) There was a whole lot of Galaxy Angel stuff there. I'm so glad it's getting to be popular! I later found out they had played Galaxy Angel at, like, 1AM. Grrr... Hopefully, they can get around to translating the Playstation2 game...

Thursday, May 29, 2003 - Well, like I've promised in the guestbook, I'm updating. A lot. That's right; more images! I think I've pretty much outrun my welcome at geocities...what a suprise...and I'm moving on to bigger and better things. Im so sorry to those of you who I let down... Gomen! I hate being lazy. ;_; Hopefully, I can get a domain. More web space= more Galaxy Angel goodness. It's summer vacation, and I've got plenty to do... So, I'll keep you guys informed, OK? Oh yeah, and I just want to say thank you to those of you who have signed my guestbook... I love all the feedback! ^_^ Please keep requesting so I know what to do to make this dedication better! Everything for the G.A. fans! Until next time, check out the links below.

Ranpha portrait from the Galaxy Angel Gameboy Advance game. Everyone's favorite tenshi*,
Ranpha Franboise


Check out the official Galaxy Angel webpage by Broccoli (in japanese only), and the official shop (in japanese, and only avalable for residents in japan ;_;)
Galaxyangel Evolution - My affiliate. Has some great game info and media. Also some good episode summarys.
You can now buy Project G.A., the Playstation 2 (japanese version) game at for $75.50 If you want to know more about the game (It's a Role-playing, or SIM, game where you play the part of the angel-tai* commander.), click here for a really nice synopsis of the game.
Lookin' for some nice Galaxy Angel movie clips? They have the opening of the first series, "Yumemitai Angel-tai*" and the ending of the first series, "Happy Question" at the Anime openings/endings archive. They also have a trailer.
Joined fanlistings: here to see some more of my fanlistings.

* Angel-tai= In Japan, you describe a group of people by putting "-tai" at the end of the word. Some Japanese refer to the Galaxy Angels as the Angel-tai.

*Tenshi= Tenshi means heavanly body, or angel in japanese.

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Quick note about the graphics found on this site: Please don't take any graphics without asking me first. Most graphics I made (found, scanned) myself, but some of them were taken with consult to the owner first. So please let me know, because those people deserve their credit, no?

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