Birthdate/Place- October 17, 1983; Savannah GA
Hometown/ Residence- Bryn Athyn, PA
School- Bryn Athyn Church School
Grade- 11th (Fall 2000)
Began Gymnastics- 1989
Years on National Team- 3, 1997-2000
Gym Club- Ricochets
Coaches- Troy Miller, Janet Hamvas
Stepanie has decided to take some time off from training so she can re-asses her career and heal from some naggin injuries. She is still training lightly and we will update with any new decisions
Steph's Teammate
~Steph and her coaches have announced their plans for the year and futre, which include rest from nagging injuries and competition. See Internation Gymast Online's August 15th New's Flash for Details
~Due to an ankle injury  suffered in training prior to nationals, she has withdrawn from the competition and hopes to petition to the senior national team
~Huge congratulations to Steph on competing in her 1st Internatyional Meet- The 2000 Puerto Rico Cup, and placing 4th in the All-Around and 2nd on Vault!!!

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