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Finally, after six gruelling weeks, five design revisions, and lots of page reloads, the time has come to stop working on this thing. Yup, it's the deadline, again. So, tada, here's my Midterm Project. At last?! Ewan ko nga ba. But even when you think it's time to go "Hay, salamat" and decide you just want to slouch on your favorite couch, and wait until all the stress just flows out of your system, you've gotta get back up and work again! So, I think the more appropriate line should be, "Hay, buhay!"

Don't you just love school?! It taps all your creative (kuno) abilities, sucks the energy you thought you had for until midnight TV viewing, and leaves you with more work to do the next day? I was at an interview the other day, and I told my interviewee that I loved the hectic school life I got here at La Salle. Well, now I'm thinking, if I'd kept my mouth a little bit more shut then, would things have changed? I think not. At roughly 12 hours I'll be back at school trying to save my ass from flunking yet another midterm exam.

This is my Midterm Project for Communication Technology (COMTECH). Saya ba? This is my first personal home page, and I'm glad you stopped by to check out my page. Please feel free to look around the variety of pages in this site. I've got stuff in here from linking exercise to animations to research papers, so try looking into the pages and you'll find yourself in a really exotic ride. (Yes, exotic daw, now don't get scared ok?) Aside from linking to my schoolwork this also contains a section all about me! So I know you might not think I'm an interesting person and you might not be interested in finding out more about me, but in case you change your mind... sige na puntahan mo na, ha?!

Marie, yes as in yung biscuit. Inspired by the great thinker Rose B: My philosophy in life is that, ang taong hindi photogenic, maganda sa personal... Denise, hahaha,  not the menace ok, thats really not funny. Once upon a time I was cute! Velasquez. This should change in a few years time... :) ... and I decided, I liked the piano, but the piano did not like me...

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