Michelle's Montage of Men

So, who do you prefer? Angel or Riley? Xander or Oz? Mulder or Krycek? Dawson or Pacey? Joey, Ross, or Chandler? Casey, Danny, or Jeremy? Ben or Noel? Well, either way, I am completely on your side. These guys are really, REALLY HOT! Let us take a looksie at these cutie patooties, shall we?

Humina Humina Humina YUMMY!
What I wouldn't give to see that when I wake up!

Why is Buffy so lucky!?! Oh yeah, she's gorgeous, whatever!

Stealing from Bree Sharp, David Duchovny why won't you love ME?!
I go CRAZY around guys in tux's! He is such a HOTTIE!

There are way too many cute guys in this world!

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