Welcome to I Luv Shen Yu! This Site is dedicated to all my friends who never left my side no matter what happened. I owe many of my friends more than I can give so here is a site where we can look back upon old memories and smile.


7/27/01- WABAM! Check it out! I got galleries 1-7 complete along with me bio! Hheeh, oh yea and I also minimized each page to 5-6 pictures so it will load a bit faster. I'm still takin pictures tomorrow and with a whole bunch of friends I don't have pictures of so keep visiting to see more pics! Thanx, peace!

7/24/01- Alright! I got gallery one, gallery two, and my bio page up! This is gonna be a pretty tyte page. I think I should minimize to 5-6 pictures per page since it takes a while to load. If u have any suggestions, plez feel free to e-mail me. Thanx, peace!

7/21/01- Well, I just started this site so bare with me as I try load the tons of pictures. This site will prolly be under construction for a while so come back later sometime, thanx! In the meantime though, check out whatz completed already.


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