FUCK ND MEASURE 1!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm 25, and I live in Grand Forks, ND.  I have 2 children,
one of whom lives with his father and step-mother.
The two year old lives with me and is a handful.  But, then, what two year old isn't?

I used to work for, in the customer service dept.
It's a fun job, but you wouldn't believe all the idiots that shop here. No offense intended to anyone.
Anyways, I no longer work there.  Guess they don't like when you don't show up for work. LOL
I did a short stint as a waitress at the I-29 Cafe, as a waitress on the over night shift.  I couldn't take that job anymore.  For those of you that know me, I don't work at Taco John's anymore.  Taking time off right now to spend quality time with my son.  THAT is a decision I sometimes regret.  LOL  Children are meant to make us crazy, right?

Right now, I pretty much sit at home and take care of Samuel.  We go to the park and the pool.  And I've kind of forgotten what an adult conversation is like.  I tend to use words like potty, and quote things from Dora and Blues clues.  I go to Bucks occasionally.  July I'm there every Monday (Birthday month -- Gotta get those birthday buckets)

Some of my Hobbies:

Reading, writing poetry, biking, rollerblading, football, swimming.

Oh, ya.  I wanna get a boob job. LOL  Anyone wanna help me pay for it??  You loan me money
I'll let ya see the finished works. HEHEHEHEHE  Letcha taste em even.

Ya, I might be a pervert. LOL 
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