Just a couple of the fun things you can  
                      learn in this class:

    Learn how to use and solve problems with Venn Diagrams 
    (up to three circles!!!)
Click here for an example

    Learn about sequences you can use in everyday life...Don't worry you     can use Discrete Math!
Click here for an example

    Learn several different ways to tally votes!
Click here for an example

    And learning about Graph Theory is everyone's favorite
    especially when we get to color in class!
Click here for an example
WHAT?!?! Only four topics you say? That's why M116 is a great class and highly recomended for anyone who is not strong in math!
If you can add, subtract, multiply, and divide you can do M116!
For more information regarding this course please contact Dr. Mako Haruta by email at haruta@hartford.edu