it tastes good too!!!

Mmmkay folks, I'm going to try and update this every week. :-)


#1. In Lucy Gets A Paris Gown, Ethel sneaked Lucy food during her hunger strike in Paris.



#2. In Off to Florida, where did Mrs. Grundy dump Lucy and Ethel on their way to Miami?

A dinky motel

A roadside cafe

A police station

Ethel's Aunt Irma's

#3. In what city did Lucy and Ethel gamble on their European trip?



Monte Carlo

#4. Lucy got a loving cup stuck on her head. Who was to receive it?

Babe Ruth

Jackie Robinson

Johnny Longdon

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These question, and the following answers, came from "The I Love Lucy Trivia Game". The Q's and A's are properties of Talicor, Inc. (c) 1998. :-) I just didn't want to infringe..... anymore than I already have.