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SUN will be split into 3 main faction, the factions to be used for this will be SUN1, SUN2, and SUN-Special Tactics. These factions will be upgraded to include no less than 25 members each, and will be the ONLY main factions in SUN. each of these will have 1 (and only 1) support faction, which will be obtained by converting SUN 4, 5, and 6 into supports.


Support factions will have 15 members, and turn 50% of their OC money, weekly, over to the main factions. Main factions will use the money to provide medical stockpiles, weapons, and armor for their members, main factions will also keep a rolling bank acct, ideally set up so that they have access to at least 2 million dollars per week, per faction (the 3 main factions)


Our support faction members will be outfitted with a priority given to housing (i.e. no duals or Para's) with at a minimum, a detached house. Weapon outfitting will consist of Scimitar's, Magnums, and benelli’s (this is set to keep our support members working on stats instead of fighting)


Main faction members will be equipped with the best the faction has to offer (duals, sams, and steyrs at first, Para's, Uzi’s, and Miniguns later) as well as armor (full body armor at a minimum) as well as chalets (those that have their own, great, those that don’t, we will work for)


In all of the wars, our main faction’s always demand money, we are using points for the fighting, might as well get them paid for. Our demands will be pretty simple, 200k to accept or we destroy the opposing faction, no questions asked. In a typical war, a main will declare against as many as 10 factions, which is 2 million made easily, which will not only buy more than enough points, but will go for weps and housing. (should we have a large surplus of cash, we can start upgrading members housing earlier, or allow supports to pay bonuses)


It was also suggested that we start incorporating levels into what housing we will buy for our members. Level 15 sounds good to me for a chalet, and level 20 for a mansion (of not already owned) perhaps even a level 30 palace, but that is far in the future.


Each support faction will have 2 sets of duals, 2 sams, and 2 steyrs for the leaders and co leader’s which will be used by the member in a challenge


Challenge- a challenge is exactly what it sounds like. Should a support member feel like they can do a better job then a current main member, they can challenge them, and need to be able to defeat them in a best of 3 (the challenger attacks) the support member will be allowed to use duals and the factions sam as well during this. Should the support member win, they switch spots with the main (housing does not change, as clearly the member needs to work on stats)  Challenges can come at any time, as long as there is the consent of the faction leader (example, if the support of SUN2 has a member that wants to challenge a member of SUN2, all they need is booty’s approval for it to happen) it is recommended that main members keep their best weps equipped and loaded at all times anyway, so it shouldn’t be a problem as long as their health is full.


What the challenge does to help SUN – By allowing our members to claim a spot, it ensures that our people are training, and do so correctly with the new battle system. It also ensures that only our best are in our main factions.


What this idea does for SUN – What this does for SUN is the following:

  1. promotes training in all levels throughout our faction
  2. eliminates confusion with faction hopping and orders (as main leaders would still have the same control they have now
  3. simplifies our chain of command and improves communication
  4. ensures that SUN will forever have a good stream of recruits constantly looking to step up.
  5. providing that our 3 main factions can take the top 3 spots, recruiting wont be a problem, whenever a faction shows the dominance that we have, people will beg to get in.
  6. discourages inactive players, if they aren’t active, they will lose their spot, if they are inactive in a support, they will be kicked.
  7. concentrates the power in SUN, instead of being spread out with countless supports, and many, many main factions, we are putting our best in 3 factions, and we are doing it the fairest way possible.






The challenge seems to be an idea that a lot of people are liking, in order to clear up a few questions regarding this, no one would be allowed to fight more than one challenge per calendar week. (i.e. if they fight on Saturday night, then can fight again on Sunday morning)


To issue a challenge, the following must apply:

  1. You are in a support faction (main faction members cannot challenge other main faction members, nor members of supports, not sure why they would anyway, but there is always someone who reads into this too far)
  2. the challenger must be at a minimum of level 10, this is not only to make our levels look good, but to provide the challenger with a better chance. (there are exceptions to this rule, basically anyone who follows in Punchbags footsteps, and can prove it)
  3. and the challenger will receive similar, if not identical weapons as the one they are challenging (duals and sam for certain, steyr and Para's, probably not)






The idea for a draft is pretty simple, just about anyone with a simple grasp of professional sports knows what I'm talking about. It is a lottery style system where professional teams will choose players from college, or lesser leagues.


What the draft will be in SUN is really simple. If you are in a support faction, or are in one of the main factions that are being turned into our support factions, you are eligible for the draft. The only exception to this is if you have a specific SUN faction in which you wish to go. As long as it is approved by the leader of that faction, that faction will lose a round in which ever draft it is (there will be 2 drafts, those level 10 and higher, and those level 9 and below) and you will go to that faction. EVERYONE in support factions or current mains that will be converted will be drafted, either to a SUN main, or a SUN support.


The draft idea ensures that the 3 SUN factions and their supports that will exist after this idea takes effect are stacked as fairly as possible. Any member of main faction that wishes to join the draft will be able, pending their leaders approval.



Below you will find the phase and timetable in which this is to be implemented

1 No one ASAP Information gathering, informing members of upcoming changes, building draft lists, transferring funds necessary for upgrades to appropriate factions, General research
2/3 Members of smaller support factions, members of Main factions being converted to supports Within 1 week of agreed start date (asd +1 week) Finding buyers for our smaller support factions, transferring members either to a larger support faction, or their final support faction
2/3 No One asd + 1 week this will run at the same time as phase 2, and will involve the final transferring of funds to necessary factions, loans, and anything else necessary to prep our factions for the draft.
4 Everyone in the draft ASD + 10 days This is the draft phase. members will be drafted, and moved into their respective factions, the only exceptions are those people needed to hold on to any remaining support factions for sale until they are sold.
5 ANYONE still not in their proper faction  ASD + 2 weeks 2 weeks after this plan is implemented, EVERYONE will need to be in their proper factions, if there are no buyers for support factions at asking price, we will auction them off in IRC to the highest bidder. and all people will move into their proper factions. 
6 no one (hopefully) ASD + 15 days This will happen the first day after all factions are reporting in and set up as determined in this new system, all changes necessary will be done by this date, and any loose ends will be wrapped up in a leaders meeting, which will be held on this date.


UPDATES !! (1.01)


UPGRADES - Any upgrades done to the size of our factions once this idea is complete will be done in pairs. Example: SUN1 and the support faction for SUN1 will upgrade at the same time.

This will be done to open 10 spots at the same time, all of which will be opened in supports (a majority of our recruiting will come from supports) the spots will be opened in supports by bumping support members up, filling the 5 open spots in the main faction, and upgrading the support faction so 10 spots will open up. Each faction (the mains) will need to be upgraded once before the any other upgrades twice in size. This is to keep our power spread out, but not too thinly that it will be a security threat.


(spelling also fixed in this update)


UPDATES !!! (1.02)

Due to the massive size of our faction (179 members at last count) we will be looking for money in order to increase the size of the intended mains and supports. right now there is a total of 17 million needed (possibly more, depends how fast the money is brought in) we are asking for 15 million of this amount to come from our current support and main factions, as well as individual members. Once we are done upgrading and re-organizing, everyone will benifit in the sense that we will have a steady source of income (Wars and OC's) and since we will not need to buy or upgrade any of the factions for a long time, guess where that money is going? right back to our members. whether it be in the form of weapons through the faction, better armor, better houses etc. EVERYONE will see a return on their donation, and you WILL be recompensated. 

We need our members to live up to their names and to support the faction. many of you joined because you wanted to be part of something great, and bigger than yourself, here is your chance to build on that glory. others joined for protection, once again, by helping the faction you ensure protection for ALL of our members. for those of you that joined just to join a faction, this is the right faction for you. WE ARE THE GREATEST FACTION IN THE HISTORY OF TC. and we are ensuring that place now more than ever.

This is the single largest change that has ever happened in SUN, yeah, its even bigger for SUN then when factions went official. Everyone has the chance to contribute to this, we aren't going to play favorites with those that help the faction and those that don't, but it does show leaders what sort of a member you are, and that you are willing to help the faction in times of need.

To Quote Tank: there are 2 types of members, those that wear the tag, and those that make the tag.

Be and inspiration to your fellow SUN members, donate whatever amount you can to either BootyGrabber [4959] or RIOT [675] The money will get to whatever faction it needs to.

(anchors also added in this update, for your reading ease)


MORE UPDATES TO COME AS NECESSARY please contact Booty with any and all Idea’s regarding this, or in IRC will work the best (email address provided for MSN messenger purposes)













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