Ami's Update Page
And so my life starts again. After finding out that i'm not completely over Becca, and having to deal with that some more. I am returning to TWU in the Spring of '05. With not only a job but also my own car. And hopefully after only two short years at TWU, i will graduate with a degree in History, get my teaching certification, and while teaching, get my message therapy certification.
When you realize that you have made a mistake. When you realize that you need a differnt life. You have to find a way to get you closer to that point of happiness, with the minimum amount of hurt. Sometimes, it can be easily accompished, sometimes, not. But when you find yourself unhappy with yourself, and don't see it possible to be happy while in the situation you find yourself in, you have to make some difficult decisions. As so i did, as of May 5th, I am no longer with Becca. The person i once thought was the love of my life. But life goes on, learn to deal with being 25 and living at home with your mom, with no vehicle, and no job, and no degree. I'm on the threshhold of so many things, but they are still out of my grasp. And there is no telling how long it will remain that way. Not long i hope.
It has been decided that i will be moving to Mt. Vernon, Illinois. I have never lived outside of the state of Texas longer than a month, so i'm nervous and happy all at the same time. I am going to do my best to use this page as an place where my friends and family can go to get updates on how i'm doing and so forth. I will be leaving the state of Texas on January 20, 2003. To live with someone who not only means a great deal to me, but someone that i love dearly. Someone by the name of Rebecca. I am most fortunate, to have found the love of my life at somewhat an early age, but i do believe will all my heart that she is the one that i am meant to spend my life with. I love her very much, and i know that we will have a happy life together. I hope that all of you can be just as happy as what we are. I will keep in touch.