I'm pissed off...
   The world is run by $$$ (money).
         For years, the federal military been involed in a seek-and-destroy mission, but no more. Federal troops have been ordered NOT to destroy pot plants (marijuana) growing wild in the US. Apparently country is in such great monetary perils that it cannot afford to pay for teh military to destroy plants that are frowing wild in fields, railroads and other obscure areas around the country.
        One step, for man kind, one giant leap for stopping the war on drungs (the war destroying the lives of out countrymen). The bush administration has gotten our county in to so much debt that they can no longer afford to pay our soilders to destroy marijuana that grows wild around the country.
       "Anyone with a weed wacker or a lawn mower can cut down these plants, and it is a waste of recourses for our war trained men (and women?) to be destroying these plants."
       I'm sure by this time next year, people with the skills to destroy this plant, such as lawnscapests and lawncarests, will be hired to keep our favorite plant on the down low, but perhaps we can help to keep this from happening.
       Marijuana growing in the wild has ALMOST NO THC present in it, and if we call our senetors, congressmen and govenors we might just stand a chance. Tell them how you feel about current drug laws, tell them how wild plants have no value to the smoker, and how much oxygen is produced by a marijuana plant (more than almost any other plant on the planet). Marijuana is a great plant, and if we cant smoke it's benifits, we should at least be able to breathe them.
       Please do what you can to help our war on drugs. It is a pointless war that is destroying the lives of millions of Americans each year, americans who are good people who just want to get high in the privacy of there own homes.
       Here in MN they are passing laws making it illegal to smoke cigarettes in public places (including bars). They still want to sell cigs to people, because there is lots of money in it, but they won't let them smoke them anywhere. I know how bad cigarettes are for people and how many deaths they cause every year. I also know how many deaths are caused by marijuana.... none.
       But marijuana is illeagal, and cigarettes... they are banned... what's the difference?!?!?!?
       Let your mind be heard!