- 40-55 year old male
- 5'10" to 6'4"
- caucasian
- living or traveling to
  Dallas, Texas
a 38 year old, gay, white male living in Dallas, Texas.  I'm 6' tall, weigh about 220#, have brown eyes and dark brown hair.
You are a masculine man, with self confidence, a sense of romance and a down to Earth attitude.  You like travel, dining out, theatre, movies, reading, cars, dogs, and most importantly, me.
Having grown up in south Texas, I have lived in Dallas since 1983.  My home is in the Turtle Creek area just north of downtown.  I am a husky guy, but I'm kind of stuck in a category that is neither too big nor too small.  I guess you would say I am a cub instead of a bear.  Most people would tell you that I'm an honest, intelligent, quiet kind of guy.  What most people don't know is that I am a sensuous romantic individual who enjoys lots of cuddling, kissing and foreplay when making love.
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