The Nguyen Emperors of Vietnam: A List of the Sons of Heaven
Emperor Gia Long (1802-1820)
Emperor Minh Mang (1820-1841)
Emperor Thieu Tri (1841-1848)
Emperor Tu Duc (1848-1883)
Emperor Duc Duc (1883)
Emperor Hiep Hoa (1883)
Emperor Kien Phuc (1883-1884)
Emperor Ham Nghi (1884-1885)
Emperor Dong Khanh (1885-1889)
Emperor Thanh Thai (1889-1907)
Emperor Duy Tan (1907-1916)
Emperor Khai Dinh (1916-1925)
Emperor Bao Dai (1925-1945 and 1949-1955)
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